Ringo: You know, we got an old sayin' in Texas - God created all men equal... but the six gun made them different.

Ringo: My father was an engineer during the war... for the North. At first, he was for the South, but they were losing. And, ah, 'Never stick with a loser,' he always said. 'It's a matter of principle.'

Ringo: It's a matter of principle. I don't operate on man who wears a gun.

Ringo: You're lucky I came along here. I can fix that up for ya.

Estaban: You?

Ringo: In San Antone, I used to work for a barber who was a surgeon on the side. I helped him operate on twelve or thirteen horses.

Estaban: Wait a minute! Listen, I'm not a horse, understand!

Ringo: And I'm not a doctor. So that makes us even.

Ringo: Never enter into a deal for less than thirty percent.

Estaban: But I warn you... if you kill me while I'm lying here, I'll slit your throat.

Ringo: Dead, huh? Well they say, 'Early to bed, early to rise, gets you shot between the eyes.'

Ringo: New game... more fun than hopscotch. The first of these gentlemen that steps forward gets a new lead bullet between his eyes.

Ringo: I don't enjoy being beaten when I ain't able to defend myself.