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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Thrilling is a comedy composed by three unrelated episodes.

    In the first a smug teacher, played by Nino Manfredi, is terrified by his jealous (and possibly murderous) wife. Not bad, although unexceptional. Thankfully, Manfredi - in a somewhat unusual role for him - is always a pleasure to watch.

    The second episode is the shortest and the most cartoonish - it feels like a sketch. A desperate businessman (Walter Chiari) is forced by his obnoxious wife to dress up as her favorite comic book hero and break into their house to spice up their relationship. The extreme simplicity of the whole thing is redeemed by an amusing performance by Chiari as the miserable, spineless husband.

    The third episode is the best. The protagonist (Alberto Sordi) pursues through the highway a driver who damaged his car, and ends up in an isolated hotel. Believing the driver is hiding in the building, he rents a room, but soon discovers the hotel owners are murdering their guests. Sordi is hilarious as his typical character, a petty, cowardly buffoon. Croatian starlet Sylva Koscina, very popular in Italy in those days, plays a mysterious guest.

  • RodrigAndrisan27 September 2018
    A gorgeous super-sexy Alexandra Stewart and Nino Manfredi in the first episode, which is not great. The second episode, with Walter Chiari and Dorian Gray, it's a delicious masterpiece. And the third episode, with the unparalleled Alberto Sordi, Sylva Koscina and Nicoletta Machiavelli in her best role, is also a success, yet another small masterpiece.