April Dancer: [April is talking to Mark who is hiding in a tree] Do try to look more like a sycamore won't you?

Mark Slate: Who's the glamour boy?

April Dancer: Our competition dear, THRUSH.

Alexander Waverly: Oh, and Mr. Slate, whatever you do, don't bungle this.

Mark Slate: I'll try not to sir.

Aunt Magda: [explaining her plan to fill the world with lookalike people] Last night, their Sonny kissed our Cher good night.

Mother Muffin: [a gadget has exploded in front of Rodney] Are you alright Rodney?

Rodney Babcock: Yes, Mother.

Mother Muffin: What a pity.

[Mother hits Rodney]

Mother Muffin: Stupid.