The role of Skippy was handled by three kangaroos: Jo-Jo, Stumpy and Wildy, together with a few others, handling less demanding tasks.

Executive producer John McCallum had wanted the star marsupial, and the show, to be named "Hoppy". He was overruled by co-producer Lee Robinson.

A reflection of the show's success in creating a unique Australian identity is that in the 1970's and 1980's, Australians with an Anglo-Saxon background were called "Skips", after the title character.

Skippy liked chocolate, so they used to scrunch up chocolate wrappers to get her to come to Sonny on cue.

The location of Waratah Park is never really given. Although the actual park is located in Duffy's Forest on Sydneys northside, the park in the show must be huge as it starts on the coast whilst in one ep Sonny is said to be walking around Jenolan, a location thats is over 100kms from the coast. It is intimated that the park is outside Sydney in the bush yet they are always able to make a short drive to a suburban shopping area or even to drive Clancy into the Conservatorium of Music in the heart of Sydney city.