• WARNING: Spoilers

    Alice is sitting on staircase leading upstairs, she tries to kill her boredom of which she is prey. Meanwhile down, at living-room, her father is hosting several dinner guests. She tries in vane to grab the attention of her father; but he can't attend to her like she should like at that moment, and she is invited for him to that herself entertains in playing with the chessmen in study room. Alice reluctantly agrees and once she's in the study room inadvertently falls asleep deeply and then strange things begin to happening when suddenly, the chess's red king comes to get life and he invites her to cross the large mirror that is in the mantel over the fireplace to go to the room of other side, that is where everything happens in reverse... in doing so she begins a serie of unexpected events that envelop her in an adventure that is devoid of any kind of boredom. -