Sir Lancelot Spratt: How did I get home ?

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: I bought you.

Sir Lancelot Spratt: By car ?

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: No, operating trolley.

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: Hello I'm looking for some clothes, for a new look.

Boutique assistant: Certainly, for your son ?

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: [disappointed] No, me !

Boutique assistant: [equally disappointed] Oh.

Robert the hairdresser: Of course the moustache will have to go.

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: [horrified] Have to go ? But... but it makes makes me look younger !

Robert the hairdresser: By the time I've finished with your hair you won't look old enough to grow one.

Dr. Miles Grimsdyke: [handing Wendover a metal fragment removed during the operation] There you are, a souvenir of your stay, you'll be right as rain now.

O'Malley: [cheerfully] Yes, we watched it on the telly, we thought you were a gonna at one point.

Tarquin Wendover: [examining the fragment] Look at that. Must be a piece of shrapnel I got in the war.

Sydney: The man on the TV said it was loose filling from your tooth.

Prof. Halfbeck: Ah Grimsdyke, sorry to tell you that we've offered the promotion to the other Dr Grimsdyke.

Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke: [dejected] Oh Professor... .

Prof. Halfbeck: It's not that your qualifications are not up to it. But a responsible job like this, and you look much too young for it.