Some J. Arthur Rank Organisation executives were astonished that John Fraser (Dr. Miles Grimsdyke) accepted such a non-descript role in this movie.

Elizabeth Ercy (Jeannine Belmond) received an "introducing" credit.

When Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke (Leslie Phillips) goes for his make-over, he is told by the barber to lose the moustache as "it's a bit old world". Had it been a year later, moustaches happened to be the latest craze. After Sir Paul McCartney had fallen off his moped and received stitches to his lip, he grew a moustache to cover the scar. By the time of the release of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, moustaches had become the in thing.

During the nurses dance, Anne Cunningham's "Sister" is the only one of her rank attending the dance as a guest; the other sisters are all in uniform, watching the dance with the Matron

Arthur Haynes (Tarquin Wendover) was for a period in the early 1960s considered one of the biggest names in British comedy. However, he only had two credited film roles. 'Doctor In Clover' was the second of these and completed shortly before his premature death at the age of 52.

Despite being one of the top-billed performers, Shirley Anne Field only appears in four scenes, three of which happen in the first forty minutes; the same applies to Fenella Fielding, whose character abruptly disappears after the forty-minute mark.