Ellen Grange: They all think that any decent woman would prefer to die than live as an Apache squaw. Maybe they're right.

Jess Remsberg: Death comes soon enough. Anyone who hurries it is a damn fool.

Ellen Grange: You're going to kill me.

Chata: No. You will be alive when I bury you in the grave of my son.

[to his wife]

Willard Grange: My horse is dead and you're back - shoulda been the other way around.

Ellen Grange: I wonder if they'll stay on the reservation this time.

Jess Remsberg: Why should they?

Chata: You white eyes want us all dead, but when I die, it will not be as a reservation Indian. I will die Apache - killing my enemies.

Lt. Scotty McAllister: You were a pretty good sergeant once, Toller, but now you're just another money grubbing civilian.

Toller: You used to be a pretty good sergeant yourself, McAllister, but now you're just a... rank officer.

Willard Grange: You mean you like living with a bunch of savages?

Ellen Grange: You don't understand.

Willard Grange: Well, no, I don't understand. Lots of white women have been grabbed off by an Indian, and many a decent one of them would have killed herself before she let them turn her into an Indian squaw.

Ellen Grange: I'm not that decent, I guess!

Willard Grange: Oh, don't shout. They'll hear ya.

Ellen Grange: You don't care what happens to me... but only what people think about you.

Willard Grange: I do business with them people.

Ellen Grange: The same people who treat your wife like dirt. I was better off with the Indians!

Lt. Scotty McAllister: [after asking Jess to lead a mission for him] You're the best man I've got left.

Jess Remsberg: [Looks at Toller] Toller.

Lt. Scotty McAllister: But he's not under my orders.

Toller: Yeah, but I'm thirsty too. And getting thirstier.


[Grange moves toward Toller with his rifle in his hand. Toller disarms him and kicks both into the dirt]

Toller: You were saying?

Willard Grange: Pick it up!

Toller: Be careful Grange.

Willard Grange: I told you to pick it up!

Toller: You've got another one in your hostler use that one or backwater.

Toller: [to cadet] Tell the Major he'll have to wait, I have some unfinished business.

Toller: Shut up McAllister! You don't scare me none, and you sure can't pull no rank on me.