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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This IS a very hard to find movie,found it on a DVR tape.Good movie,the pilot of a sort for TV series Name Of The Game,this one has George Macready in the soon to be Gene Barry role as publisher to Tony Franciosa.Would've been interesting if Macready was returning for the series,he still seemed healthier here,wwhereas he became quite ill the following year during Peyton Place late summer 1967.Many great character actors in this investigation of a call girl's death.
  • Tony Franciosa plays here in HARPER - Paul Newman - mode in this solid TV detective yarn. Typical of the sixties, with the jazzy sweet atmosphere. Don't get a headache to fully understand the story, as many private eyes tales. Focus instead on performances and - I know I repeat - the atmosphere. Looks like a CHICAGO DEADLINE remake, with so many supporting but all known actors with the likes of Jay C Flippen, George MacReady, Nicolas Colosanto, Robert Duvall...I am surprised that no one has commented it yet. Maybe it is hard to find. actually Tony Franciosa is a reporter here, instead a gumshoe, but what's the difference?

    One good Stuart Rosenberg early piece of work. Good performances and good cast too.