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  • So-so Pasta Western full of shots , go riding , crossfire , plot twists and violence . It contains a catching soundtrack , an atmospheric cinematography and passable production design shot in Elios studios , Lazio , Rome . Mediocre Western about a merciless revenge in which an avenger attempts to keep law and order , seeking justice , including a deadly confrontation between a tough deputy and his enemies , this reckless hero was here played by a Spaghetti star : Brett Halsey . Ordinary Italian Western with sad atmosphere , attractive musical score concerning customary revenger seeking justice and vengeance . It deals with a stranger called Johnny Ringo (Montgomery Ford or Brett Halsey) heads for the town of Eagle Pass to stop a mean counterfeiting band , following the theft of plates from the Federal Bank . The little town is run by Jackson (Dessy) , he is allegedlly responsible for this counterfeiting operation , and he owns the saloon where performs marvelous songs Annie (Polyn who sings herself a wonderful song : ¨How long is the night¨), who has a secret relationship with one of the counterfeiters called Ray Scott (Fuscagni). Along the way the suspicious Ray is detained by Ringo and imprisoned at the town jail , being watched by the sheriff (Lee Burton or Guido Lollobrigida , Gina Lollobrigida's brother) . Meantime , the unsettling and disturbing Jackson , along with his bunch of hoods and other respected villagers carry out blackmails and massacre against their opponents . But then Johnny Ringo contends his enemies at duels and ambushes in which he must use his experience and cunning . As Ringo kills each man of the gang one by one . Ringo is eventually supported by the astute sheriff , and proceeds his activities at whatever cost , acting as a judge , jury and lethal executioner . And the end takes place his encounter with enemies at the downtown , including unexpected surprises . This is a doomed journey to hell through vengeance , murders and violence .

    Run-of-the-mill Maccaroni Western , adding a few novelties , but also with usual elements , such as extreme baddies , betrayers , noisy action , turns and some spectacular action scenes . It is a habitual Spaghetti Western including thrills , regular scenarios , nail-biting action , shoot'em up , and an unexpected final twist . This motion picture was regularly directed by Gianfranco Baldanello packing an evocative soundtrack , evocative cinematography and acceptable production design in a medium-low budget . This exciting Western regarding an implacable hunting down , adding cruel killings against suspect people , it should be more fun than it is , but the film seems some claustrophobic , mostly filmed at the town , as much of the action takes place at the village and its Saloon , though including some defiles , mountain , a cave and the central street for the ending showdown . Stars Brett Halsey , with pseudonym Montgomery Ford , elegantly dressed and using gloves , plays as Johnny Ringo who arrives in a small town, as he sees it was vandalized by a wealthy owner called Jackson who takes the invaluable honour , money , and lives of the upright townfolks . The American Brett starred several Spaghettis as this ¨Kill Johnny Ringo¨ , ¨Roy Colt and Winchester Jack¨ , ¨Twenty thousand dollars for seven¨ and ¨Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!¨. Although he also performed other genres as Wartime : ¨To hell and back¨ , ¨Jet over Atlantic¨, ¨Atomic submarine¨, ¨submarine seahawk¨ , Drama : ¨Return to Peyton Place¨, ¨The girl in lover's lane¨, Adventures : ¨The magnificent adventurer¨ and Terror : ¨Return the fly¨, ¨Black cat¨, ¨Demonia¨. At the support cast appears some few familiar faces from Spaghett , as the following Italian actors as Guido Lollobrigida or Lee Burton , Barbara Loy , Attilio Dottesio , Lucio De Santis and Guglielmo Spoletini who often used pseudonym as William Bogart .

    The music by Caruso is suitably Spaghetti in Morricone wake , with usual guitar chords and other instruments in Italian style . Adequate cinematography in Eastmancolor by Marcello Masciocchi , though a perfect remastering being really necessary . This Spaghetti Western was middlingly shot by the Italian professional Gianfranco Baldanello . He was a prestigious assistant director to popular Italian films such as ¨Leopard of Sarawak¨ , ¨Vendetta of Ursus¨ , ¨Cavalcata selvaggia¨ , ¨David and Goliath¨ , ¨Sword of the Sarracen¨ , ¨1527 Il sacco di Roma¨ , ¨Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hércules¨ , among others . As he was assistant director/writer/editor/producer and subsequently directed some films . Gianfranco made several Spaghettis , such as ¨Uccidete Johnny Ringo¨ , ¨This man cant die¨ , ¨Son of Zorro¨ , ¨The Cry of the Wolf¨, ¨Black Jack¨ , ¨Blood River¨ and ¨30 Winchesters for El Diablo" - International title- or "Gold Train" . Being starred by usual Spaghetti genre stars as Brett Halsey , Gianni Garco , Peter Martell , Wayde Preston , Fernando Sancho and Anthony Steffen . Rating : 4.30/10 Average . Only for Spaghetti Western aficionados .
  • Texas Ranger Johnny Ringo (Brett Halsey) is sent to investigate and expose a counterfeiting ring in the town of Eagle Pass, following the theft of plates from the Federal Bank. The town is owned by Jackson (Dessy) who, along with his gang of hoods and other respected townsfolk, is responsible for this counterfeiting operation.

    As well as owning the town, Jackson "owns" local performer Annie (Polyn), who has a secret relationship with one of the counterfeiters, Ray Scott (Fuscagni). Once Jackson becomes aware of this affair, he plans for Ray to be the man that swings on a noose for the crime. But Ray is also the key man in Ringo's investigation, and the link to identify the real culprits.

    This is quite an obscure western that feels more American than European, although the soundtrack is clearly one of the Spaghetti Western genre (albeit, by no means with the class of Morricone). The cast play their roles quite competently, and in particular the relationship between Ray and both Annie (his lover) and his sister Christine (Loy) provides an effective and integral part of the story.

    The film itself is fairly watchable, although letdown by some seriously bad editing (this may, of course, be restricted to the version I have seen). There are moments where I became quite hooked on the story, and throughout believed that some great excitement may be ahead. But in truth, it never really reached this pinnacle. In summary "Kill Johnny Ringo" is quite a passable way to spend a few hours, but is in no way going to mount a challenge for the best film you have seen (either ever, this year, or quite possibly this month!).