Ted Barclay: That was sent to Lilly LaRue for her strip tease act at the Body Shop.

Ted Barclay: You've seen this dress?

Maggie Scott: Yes. It's a Fontaine creation. I think it's a very exciting dress.

Ted Barclay: A very exciting dress. There's no way of keeping it up. Even with all of Eunice's - agile equipment.

Eunice, fashion model: [wearing a strapless dress] I can't even shake hands.

Maggie Scott: Mr. Barclay, if you don't mind, I would like to be judged by what I do between 9:30 and 5:30, not after hours!

Ted Barclay: You could have said no.

Maggie Scott: You never gave me that much time. I'm sorry if I spoiled your record!

Ted Barclay: Why did you lead me on?

Maggie Scott: I what?

Ted Barclay: Come on, now. That slow and inviting smile, it isn't all business.

Maggie Scott: I just happen to be friendly.

Ted Barclay: And that little wiggle when you walk.

Maggie Scott: All women wiggle.

Maggie Scott: Paris. It's all so wonderful and exciting. Postcards don't do it justice.

Herb Stone: Some of them do.

Maggie Scott: Will we see the Eiffel Tower on the way?

Herb Stone: It will still be there tomorrow.

Herb Stone: Tell me, how did you do it?

Maggie Scott: Do what?

Herb Stone: Hook the last of the fun loving bachelors, Ted Barclay.

Maggie Scott: Ted Barclay is still a fun loving bachelor.

Herb Stone: Yeah. No, in name only. His voice quivered with concern when he spoke about you. Oh, I mean, You're a very pretty girl. You've got a nice figure. Good teeth. But, Ted Barclay has closets full of 'em. What'd you do? Did you play your cards very close to the chest?

Herb Stone: Paris has a habit of doing very strange things to shrewd little girls. Their inhibitions go haywire and pretty soon little girl's not quite so sure of herself. To put it mildly, she goes ape.

Maggie Scott: And what if it doesn't happen that way?

Herb Stone: It will.

Cab Driver: Vingt-cinq franc, Monsieur.

Herb Stone: vingt-cinq franc?

Cab Driver: Alors...

Herb Stone: Bon-bon-bon-bon-bon.

[to Maggie]

Herb Stone: The fare is 25 francs.

[Maggie glares to Herb]

Herb Stone: You're on expense account, I'm not.

Marc Fontaine: Who are you?

Maggie Scott: I'm Maggie Scott. I'm Irene's replacement.

Marc Fontaine: Oh!

Maggie Scott: What do you mean: oh?

Marc Fontaine: Just that you're a very attractive and lovely girl, for such an important job.

Maggie Scott: It doesn't make any difference what a buyer looks like.

Marc Fontaine: It helps.

Marc Fontaine: [sarcastically] Paris the den of all evil.

Maggie Scott: Well, it's true isn't it? Everybody thinks so.

Marc Fontaine: Not everybody, you do. Miss Scott. There is no safer city in the world than Paris, if you want it that way. I'm sorry to disappoint you; but, the wild Paris by night died 50 years ago with the Can-Can. It's just one big cliché.

Roger Barclay: In less than 24 hours, this child has destroyed all of Irene's back-breaking work!

Ted Barclay: Dad, you've got the wrong idea about Maggie. She's a wonderful girl. She's got character.

Roger Barclay: Since when did you get interested in character?

Marc Fontaine: You again! What are you doing here?

Maggie Scott: I'm not doing anything. Everybody's undressing me!

Marc Fontaine: Somebody is always undressing you, Miss Scott.

Marc Fontaine: I sent a cable. I felt the job called for someone a little more mature and a lot less hysterical.

Maggie Scott: You did this just because I insulted you in the bedroom.

Marc Fontaine: Well, the bedroom is an excellent place to judge anybody's behavior.

Marc Fontaine: Do you want a drink?

Maggie Scott: I'm drunk enough as it is without anything.

Marc Fontaine: I believe the woman enters the room first - then, the gown. Most designers would like to forget the women.

Maggie Scott: Well, are you just going to talk about me or are you interested in some - action?

Yvonne: You are not leaving!

Herb Stone: Eh, DeGaulle just called another press conference.

Yvonne: General DeGaulle has not been up so late since World War II.

Herb Stone: Theirs not to reason why. The Republic comes first!

Yvonne: The Republic? So is she a blonde or a brunette?

Ted Barclay: Miss Scott, are you bucking for sainthood?

Maggie Scott: Moi? No, I'm just an average American girl. I have the foolish idea that I'd like to settle down in the suburbs with a man I love and have children - and maybe even have a station wagon and two of those large dogs with hair in front of their eyes. I'm sure you think that's square, Mr. Barclay.

Ted Barclay: That's square.

Irene Chase: Maggie, there's one other thing I think you should know - about Marc Fontaine.

Maggie Scott: I'll handle with kid gloves.

Irene Chase: Dear, please be serious. For five years, Mark and I had a very - close relationship.

Maggie Scott: Irene, tell me what to do and I'll do it. I'll mother him. I'll feed him.

Irene Chase: I'm not talking about feeding him! Darling, you just don't understand. You see, Marc Fontaine needs a very - special kind of attention.

Maggie Scott: What special kind of attention?

Maggie Scott: Irene, I'm worried about Marc Fontaine.

Irene Chase: Ah, you're on your own now.

Ted Barclay: Maggie Scott you've done a dangerous thing to me. Because of you I've developed a strange fascination for girls that say: no.

Herb Stone: [on the phone] Yeah, I'd be delighted to take care of any girlfriend of yours.

Ted Barclay: I just want you to keep an eye on her and, well, she's never been to Paris before...

Herb Stone: Yeah, I'm not the guy to protect any girl. I've been on the other side of the fence too long. Yeah.

Ted Barclay: Just keep her away from the people and places we know. She'll be fine.

Roger Barclay: How do I know what happened? We sent over an inexperienced girl, whose only qualification was a good figure.

Mongo Santamaria: Now, everybody do - a pussycat.

Herb Stone: Let's go to some quiet, intimate little place we can get lost to - even if its just a phone booth!

Denise Marton: Who is the little red-headed girl? She's very pretty.

Herb Stone: I'm showing her around for a friend of mine. She's pretty; but, she's not my type.

Denise Marton: Oh, I am so glad; because, she is Marc's.

Marc Fontaine: This is Paris as it was 300 years ago. No noise. No traffic. No smoke. Just - calm, peaceful. The only jarring note is the car.

Maggie Scott: I don't mind the Rolls, really.

Maggie Scott: Are you calling me a liar?

Marc Fontaine: No, a liar fools other people. You fool yourself.

Marc Fontaine: Do you know what you want, Maggie? You want a thrilling evening - of almosts. Almost romance. Almost love. Almost sex! Maggie, I told you Paris would give you whatever you were looking for. You've got it. And you've put me in the position of a guide. Very well. Very well. I hope I've given you a proper service, Miss Scott. Now that we've shown you our best imitation of romance, what would you like to see next? The Eiffel Tower? The Arc d'Triumph? Oh, I know! The wax museum. Sex! Lust! Passion! But, not real. Not real, Miss Scott. Just the way you like it. Fake! All in one.

Marc Fontaine: A Paris lullaby.


Marc Fontaine: For love is like a carousel, And as it spins around.

Maggie Scott: A girl and boy, Can reach the moon, And never leave the ground...

Maggie Scott: I think I've had a little too much.

Marc Fontaine: Its just a little red wine. Nothing very dangerous.

Maggie Scott: I guess I'm just not used to it. I feel so lightheaded! I don't know what I'm doing.

Ted Barclay: You still haven't told me about how that trouble with Fontaine started. What happened? Did he get up on the wrong side of the bed?

Maggie Scott: Something like that.

Ted Barclay: Hey, you're not going to miss my shaving.

Maggie Scott: It's a new experience for me.

Ted Barclay: That's the trouble with modern marriages. People don't know enough intimate details about each other.

Maggie Scott: Ted, I was attracted to Fontaine; but, nothing happened!

Ted Barclay: Did you get cold feet?

Maggie Scott: No! I wasn't sure I didn't like somebody else better!

Herb Stone: [on the phone with Yvonne, while Ted drinks] Yvonne, it's for a good friend of mine! Oh, come on. All girls have buddies. Hmm? Five foot eight. Works for NATO. Name's Renee. Yeah, dark and willowy. Capable of saying "yes" in five languages.

Ted Barclay: Too tall.

Herb Stone: No. No, it doesn't spark him. Can you come up with somebody a little less - a little less intellectual. Yeah! Paulette. Paulette hostess for Air France. Held prisoner by the Algerians for three months - after the armistice. Blonde. Five two.

Ted Barclay: Too short.

Herb Stone: No. That still doesn't do it. You wanna look - well, see, he's - he's very depressed. Can you come up with something special. Something - oh, now. Oh, yeah, yeah. yeah. Yeah! Palais Bourges. Palais Bourges front row. Monique. Excellent stand-out. Measurements? 42-24-31.

Ted Barclay: Too scrawny.

Herb Stone: Ted, my boy, you're not alone. You're just one of the many hapless victims of the new double-standard. Any American girl today has two completely different sets of morals. When she's - could you bring your eyes into focus? It'll give me the feeling I'm getting through. Back in the States, a girl, like Maggie, watches every step but she has her mind on just one thing, a wedding ring. Well, here in Paris, she has no chance of getting married so she lets her hair down. She does all the things she's always wanted to do. Plus, a few things that uh, she never thought of. Is that - clear?

Marc Fontaine: Maggie, may I point out to you that you're not being very logical.

Maggie Scott: I don't feel very logical.

Ted Barclay: Monsieur Fontaine does not realize that you're really a swinger with a talent for moonlighting.

Maggie Scott: This is delicious. It tastes just like licorice!

Herb Stone: That is better than licorice. It has more vitamins. It's absinthe.

Maggie Scott: Mmmm.

Herb Stone: Waiter, two more of the same.

Maggie Scott: This is fantastic! I never would have seen the real Paris if it weren't for you!

Herb Stone: Well, I hate to disappoint you; but, this joint's loaded with Americans.

Maggie Scott: Well, I never would have seen the real Americans in Paris if it weren't for you.

Herb Stone: Why don't you taper off a little. You don't have to set any records.

Maggie Scott: Oh, I'm gonna set all kinds of records.

Herb Stone: Barney, two more of the same.

Maggie Scott: I'm having such a wonderful time. You're very sweet.

Herb Stone: I haven't even turned it on yet.

Maggie Scott: Are you trying to seduce me?

Herb Stone: Whatever gave you that idea?

Maggie Scott: Because I don't want you to. I want to seduce you. The girl is wild. She's got to work it.

Herb Stone: I'm putty in your hands.

Maggie Scott: It's a perfect view of Paris. If the whiskey doesn't get you, the scenery will!

Maggie Scott: More.

Herb Stone: Now, Maggie.

Maggie Scott: More! More. Thank you.

Maggie Scott: Don't be afraid.

Herb Stone: You'll be gentle with me?

Maggie Scott: I promise.

Maggie Scott: It's fun when you don't have to be a nice girl.

Irene Chase: I may not have always lead the most moral of lives; but, I always knew what bedroom I woke up in!

Herb Stone: He's one of the few friends I have that I like.

Marc Fontaine: Are you out to destroy all designers in Paris or is this something you reserved especially for me?

Roger Barclay: Miss Scott, do you think you could handle our Paris buying? Well?

Maggie Scott: I think so Mr. Barclay.