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  • Unorthodox sculptor can't distinguish reality from his dreams, which causes trouble for him after he believes he has seen the covering-up of a murder. Those who see "Shoot Loud, Louder...I Don't Understand"--a title which refers to Marcello Mastroianni's mute uncle who communicates with his fireworks (!)--might think the film alone in its surrealistic jumble of fantasy and romantic comedy, but it is merely one in a dozen choppy, bizarre, deliberately disconnected comedies from Italy in the 1960s. This was sold domestically (and, indeed, is still being sold that way via DVD) with Raquel Welch's image, but her lovely figure is the only thing on display, her voice being dubbed (even though she is clearly speaking English). Welch, as a gold-digger who drives a big fancy car, really has no character to play; she drops in intermittently, usually scantily-clad, and adds some sex appeal to the mix, but that's it. Lighting cues, quirky sets, and lots of silly chaos make up the rest of the film, which is running on empty. *1/2 from ****
  • garyldibert12 July 2006
    The only reason I bought this movie was, it had Raquel Welch in it. Raquel Welch was very young in this movie and looked awesome. However after that this movie was bad. First think that struck my mind that it was filmed in Italy which was a turn off. The second and main reason it had no subplot. It starts out as a man who claims to have seen a murder. Then he claims that Raquel Welch also seen the murder. But the only thing he sees when he sees Raquel is dreams. The gentlemen Uncle who doesn't talk exprees he feelings by using firecrackers. The bottom line was this movie was bad. It doesn't keep your interested and I loss interested in it 15 minutes in.