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  • Walter, a journalist who recently lost his job, is feeling a bit down, and gets even more depressed when his fiancée, Lisa, vanishes. She had recently taken up with a friend of theirs, a rich older doctor. As Walter (Brett Halsey) peels away each layer of the disappearance, he digs deeper and deeper into a world of crime and corruption and he gets into more and more trouble. Halsey, American star of Return of the Fly, Girl in Lovers Lane, and Return to Peyton Place, went to Europe in 1963 where he made quite a success and worked steadily, appearing in some classic westerns, spy films, costume dramas, and giallos. Films such as MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURER (where he plays Benvenuto Cellini), ESPIONAGE IN LISBON, TODAY IT'S ME TOMORROW YOU, and PERVERSION STORY are classics to me. Director Nick Nostro (familiar to me for his "gladiator" films starring Dan Vadis) keeps the action moving fast, yet manages to focus on Walter's state of mind also. Although the film is not wall-to-wall fights, some of them are quite over the top and show Nostro's roots in the peplum genre. In one scene where Halsey is in a car chase a suspicious character, another car cuts in front of him to stop him. Halsey gets out of the car to get into a fight with the crooks following him, and one of them belts him so hard he flies across the hood of the car! Margaret Lee is also present as a friend, Christina, who has always had feelings for Halsey but never put the move on him because of his engagement to Lisa. What is her motivation? Watch the film and see. As Italian crime-mysteries circa 1966 go, this one is quite good. With a strong leading man such as Halsey, a mystery angle that keeps the viewer guessing, and lots of action, WEB OF VIOLENCE is definitely worth watching.
  • Predictably like many other Italian thrillers of the '60s. Slow and boring. Brett Halsey is tasteless. Flat are all the others, characters and actors. Only the charm and beauty of Margaret Lee makes the movie worth watching, only once, no more. That only star is for her. Franco Pisano's music is not bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With Easter coming up,I started looking for a film that I could send to a friend as a gift. Previously finding his Spaghetti Western Day After Tomorrow a stylish,black Comedy take on the genre,I was pleased to find a DVD seller say he had tracked down a rare Euro Spy flick from Nick Nostro,which led to me webbing the violence.

    The plot:

    Feeling down over recently getting sacked, journalist Walter puts all his hopes on girlfriend Lisa supporting him during this difficult time. Spending hours waiting to meet her,Walter leaves his place and goes to find out what's keeping Lisa occupied. Throwing the dice by spying on the outskirts of town, Walter discovers that Lisa has been caught up in a web of violence.

    View on the film:

    Spinning the web when the genre was entering a (somewhat) more serious phase, this adaptation of Sergio Donati's novel uniquely crosses Euro Spy with the early stages of the Italian Crime genre. Linking Lisa with the criminal underworld, the writers make Walter (played by a chiseled Brett Halsey) use espionage skills to locate the underworld big boss, with Walter having to skillfully unscramble all of the names of the thugs who know Lisa. Limited to being seen in a third generation pan & scan VHSD rip (aww..the bad old pre-DVD days!) director Nick Nostro & cinematographer Emilio Foriscot slick look is still able to shine,with Walter's friend/helper Christina (played by an eye-catching Margaret Lee) being given a glamour shine, and side shots catching glances/spying on Walter. Loading up on Italian Crime for the final, Nostro slams the case shut with clipped car chases and blunt shootouts that recoil as Walter turns the web of violence.