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  • If "Manos, Hands of Fate" is the worst movie of all time, "The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman" is easily the most confusing. Let's see if I understand: there's this fortyish woman in a leotard that doesn't quite fit with a strange mask over her face, and she seems to be a receptionist or something for some R&D company who holds seances on company time while government auditors watch; and she has these nubile sorority babes as disciples who wear radio watches and dance and wiggle a lot; and there's this Dr. Claytin Forrester-lookalike mad scientist and his lackey who acts like a monkey and a couple of goofy guys who drool over the sorority babes and bump into each other while wearing stupid phoney beards; and somewhere in there there's a nuclear-powered hearing aid, and a guy who dresses like Zorro, or the Masked Marvel, and some mole people and a beach party and a dumpy looking scientist, ...

    Nope! I still don't get it!
  • What the...? This is one dreadful film. I watched it but there absolutely nothing that made any sense. I saw the MST3K version after watching "Manos" the Hands of Fate a night earlier. That movie is obviously worse than Batwoman but has a fairly straight forward narrative. Batwoman has none. What is the deal with this bunch of garbage? There is this old gal that wears a mask for no good reason and leads a bunch of dancing broads.

    After this all is up for grabs. The film goes every direction while making no sense at all, if it was to confuse it's audience at all times. Although the handling isn't as bad as Manos there is no redeeming quality to this picture. The comments on the MST3K version are priceless though, from quoting Doors and Who songs to rants on dreadful scenes, this version is amusing although the movie is a disaster.

    And what is the story about vampires that starts the picture? There is reference on vampires what so ever in the continuum of the film. A true travesty, this excuse for a film. I thought it might be a wise decision to see this film being not that sober, but it didn't help that much. It is really beyond help!
  • Nothing in this movie makes any sense at all. And I don't just mean that in the "Hey, it didn't explain how she came to that conclusion" sense; I mean, the events in this movie are just randomly strung together, as if the editor had just taken the snippets of footage, tossed them in the air, and pieced them together in the order they fell. It's fun! Kids, try it yourself! You can't do a worse job than these guys!

    There's a drug that makes scantily-clad women dance all the time. Everyone breaks for milk and cookies in the middle. In the climax, the villain "Rat Fink" spontaneously creates copies of himself, and the clones, Batwoman, and her henchmen chase each other around a round, 5'-diameter table for about five minutes. If you want your head to explode, brother is this the movie for you!
  • mst3k2 April 1999
    Tom Servo's final comment on this movie. This movie bad. This movie VERY bad! There isn't one shred of plot to be found. There's dancing, some good guys, some bad guys, and something very bad that can't really be called acting. This movie hurt me and I think it hurt others as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this film is like drinking an entire bottle of cough syrup and then listening to a Ventures album while paging through an old copy of 'Argosy' men's adventure magazine. It'll make you vaguely queasy, vaguely horny, and somewhat ashamed of yourself.

    But I have to admit, there is so much disconnected lunacy in this film that it tends to put your critical abilities into a confused slumber. After a while, you just sit there, taking it all in, and drooling slightly every few minutes. Depending on how bemused you are, you may or may not remember to wipe the drool from your chin.

    Somewhere in this mess is a 7th grade boy's fantasy about a super secret society of hot teenage chicks who fight crime but aren't very good at it, and so they get kidnapped a lot and spent their 'not-kidnapped' time dancing, wrestling each other, pouting, or acting brain-dead. So that's fine.

    There is also a weird plot thread about an Atomic Hearing Aid and the villain Ratfink who want to get it so he can listen in on other peoples' private conversations. I think. This is obviously meant to be "FUNNEEEE" (while failing on every level to be so).

    There are also some of the worst attempts at broad physical humor, mugging and slapstick ever put on film. I think they were trying for the Marx brothers, but wound up doing the Smith brothers (the cough drop guys). The guy who plays Heathcliff, in particular, should have been dropped into the ocean at birth rather than be allowed to mug on film like this. And to make it even worse, the director tossed Steve Brodie into the mix. Brodie, whose anti-talent is legendary to bad film buffs, is by no means the worst thing in the film, but his phlegmy, whiny, nasal voice just adds another top note of hamminess to the mix.

    There are blatant ripoffs (which I am sure the director rationalized as 'tributes' or 'inside jokes') such as the 'Bat-Tusi' dance which Bat-Woman steals directly from the premiere episode of the original 'Batman' TV show, and swiped stock footage from 'The Mole People'. There is an opening sequence which appears to be from another film entirely, juxtaposed with reaction shots from the Bat-girls, who therefore seem to watch a mugging and murder without lifting a finger to prevent it.

    There is the character of the Bat-Woman herself, who looks as if she was caught in the middle when a Cabaret nightclub act collided with a Max Factor truck. Her costume makes no sense at all, and she displays all the physical presence, charisma, and regal bearing of your 48 year old matron aunt. You know, the one who teaches third grade and obsesses about Elvis.

    There are numerous dancing scenes, complete with wild 'swinging guitar' music. Actually, these are enjoyable, in a throwaway 'Beach Party' way. But they go on forever, and bring the plot to a complete halt. Given the nature of this particular plot, though, that may be a good thing.

    Watch with or without Mike and The Bots. Their riffs on the proceedings take some of the pain away, but you can watch this one on your own and emerge a sadder, but wiser person.
  • f-zuch29 November 2005
    This is without a doubt one of the best "Worst" movie I have seen. It is sooo funny that I laughed so hard I cried!! I was embarrassed for the entire cast who must have at some point thought they were making a legit they are cast in history as one of the wackiest casts to hit the screen...EVER! Watch the scientists helper making goofy the batgirls fight over what appears to be a horseshoe at a party....poolside go-go dancing...and mole people just on the other side of the beach....!! Its got to be seen to be believed! If you don't see this flick you will really be missing one of the all time "Best" of the worst! I have put this movie on at parties and it is always a crowd pleaser....! My only hope is that this movie would be colorized for future audiences...I would really love to see Batwomans garb in color!
  • Good lord a'mighty! Is this thing dull! The director made a slapstick film that takes itself deadly seriously. Huh?

    And the Batwoman is more of a what-is-it. What's that on her head? And what's with the very large and strategically placed pin on her- um- bosom? Isn't that painful? Does her mother know she goes out like that in public? Is this where Janet Jackson got the idea?

    One wonders with what inducement she collected about her her teenage minions. I gather the recruitment speech went something like this:

    "As part of my entourage, you will be working to save the world from the criminal element. But I'm not going to give you any training, so you're not going to be very good at it. And I don't accept any girls that are any too bright. Furthermore, no fun will be allowed. You will be forced to recite ridiculous, meaningless formulae and must do so without cracking a smile. By way of relaxation, you will be forced to sit around the living room listening to me playing funeral dirges on the organ. Well? Who's with me?"

    Come to think of it, no wonder they're such pushovers for the happy pills! I'd sure be popping happy pills if I was stuck in that organization!

    Oh, extra bonus: totally random footage from The Mole People stuck in for no conceivable purpose.
  • Widget-51 February 1999
    Actually, I've seen this...this *thing* (I just can't use the word "movie"!) in its MiSTified version AND its pristine original version. Either way, whenever you watch it, you have to gawk at the screen in disbelief, your jaw hanging open in shock, and throw your hands up in the air and scream "Why? WHY did Jerry Warren make this thing?" The depressingly lame attempts at comedy...the too-obvious sexploitation...the haphazard integration of stock footage from "The Mole People" and Mexican horror movies...all of these elements mingle into a sheer cinematic mess...

    If you are brave enough to endure "The Wild World of Batwoman", check out the MST3K edition--Mike, Servo and Crow's banter almost make this film entertaining. Almost.
  • Wild World of Batwoman, The (1966)

    * 1/2 (out of 4)

    Infamous film from director Warren had the man sued by Marvel and this film, at one time, re-released as SHE WAS A HIPPIE VAMPIRE but it's the title here and the clear rip-off of Batman that has made this thing live for so long. The story is all over the place but we've basically got Batwoman (Katherine Victor) going after the evil Rat Fink (Richard Banks) who also had a nutty scientist (George Mitchell) working for him. I was somewhat shocked to see that this movie was ranked in the Bottom 100 at IMDb for several reasons. One is that this is the only Warren movie there. The second reason is that there are so many more movies out there worse than this one. I'm really not sure why this film has gotten so much special attention but I'm going to guess it's because Batman fans are checking this thing out and seeing a pure "Z" grade picture. I can understand someone familiar with "A" pictures to hate this. It does contain horrible acting, horrible direction, horrible outfits, a horrible plot and any other job title could have horrible before it. However, as someone who has seen many Warren film, this one contains something the others don't and that's an attempt at telling a story. Yes, the story is all over the place, makes no sense and at times will have you lost but at least it tries, which is a lot more than you can say for the director's other films. This one here also has more than just one long dialogue sequence after another. We've actually got quite a bit of action ranging from fights to some silly guns being waived around. Again, this isn't too common for a Warren picture. One of the silliest things here is the scientist who has created a "happy" pill that his girls to girls so that they will dance and do a few other things. These dances are so crazy that you can't help but laugh and the music they're dancing to certainly wasn't rock 'n roll from 1966 but seems to be about fifteen years late from its target audience. What's even sillier is the scientist who has an assistant who is mildly retarded due to an experiment that went wrong. The politically incorrect role was silly but at the same time it had me laughing. Again, all of these things make for an awful movie but at the same time they keep the film moving and make it rather fun to watch. If you're a fan of bad cinema then this here is certainly one of the all-time great bad movies. Warren would take a fourteen year break from filmmaking before jumping back onto the scene with the downright horrid FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND. It's really too bad he didn't go out with this sucker as it pretty much contains everything bad you'd expect from a movie like this. Just don't take it too serious, sit back and laugh.
  • This movie is the reason why the art of parody exists.My all-time favorite episode of mst3k revolved around this movie.In spite of terrible acting,innumerable errors,and absolute silliness,this movie did have a certain energy and pace of its own.It lent itself perfectly to the mst3k format.This 1966 bit of celluloid was an excellent send-up,intentionally or not,to the pop-culture of the sixties,and everything from superhero TV shows,B-rated horror movies,go-go dancing,James Bond,and the California beach culture were given a hilarious lampooning.Add to the mix an avuncular official from the US Patent office and a seance which gets rudely interrupted by a Chinese ghost,and you get the picture.A laugh-riot not to be myssed by fans of comedy,sci-fi,and bad movies.Katherine Victor was an actress whose comedic talents as a foil or a Zeppo-Marx-type "straight" person were never realized.I look forward to a "Batwoman Returns"!!!
  • This movie is so bad it's good. Bat girls, for one. A batwoman who looks like Siouxsie going to a badly dressed goth club contest. A formula that doesn't kill or maim, it makes the victim dance uncontrollably. The evil guys are funny too. I have a copy of this movie and it is one of my favorites. It never gets old, it is fun and very light. The dialog is so precious. Especially when the bat girls are trying to blender something up, other than blood. Nightmare hippie girls, indeed.

    This is a diamond in the rough. Watch it a few times and it will grow on you! :)
  • I'm surprised at the vehemently negative tone of the other reviews. I know it's a bad movie - a VERY bad movie - but I enjoyed watching it. It's just plain goofy on a multitude of levels. The unintentional humor is great, and watching the few instances of intentional humor that fall flat is also funny. Watch Batwoman try not to smile during the seance! The go-go dancing, the Batgirl pledge, the crazy twists and turns of the "plot" - this is what bad-movie watching is all about. This is my second-favorite Warren film. "Frankenstein Island" will always be first.
  • Jeepers Creepers, Batman! That was a load of crap! Girls who dance with guns! 40 somethings who kind-of fight crime! Evil guys with strap-on beards! MST3K had its work cut out for itself.

    To be perfectly honest, nothing about Batgirl's world is exactly wild. Its similar to the life of a beach bum: A bunch of chicks shake their asses for no reason. Beach parties. Horrible grammar and general language. Invasion of turf by ugly bearded dudes. The list drags on......... Anyways, when viewing this film, numerous questions popped into my head: Why wren't the bat girls guns discharging? Why is Batwoman even teaching her secrets to a bunch of dirty whores? Of course, none of my questions were ever answered, and after seeing this film, I can't help but wonder what it was even about........... If you see it and you understand it, please, TELL ME! I am not kidding, I would really like to know if there was a point to the hour and a half of my life that I burned up on this piece of crap. 1 out of 10 is TOO generous for this load.
  • I waited a long time to see this movie, I had known of it's existence and as a lover of bad cinema I knew I just had to see it, and wouldn't you know it lived up to the hype. It sucks AND blows! A sinister, middle-aged dominatrix is running a secret crime-fighting organisation consisting solely of airhead young girls with pert breasts, cut-off tops and skintight trousers. With this crack team of undercover go-go dancers she does what she can to foil the evil schemes of an idiot criminal mastermind who appears to look and dress like a Mexican wrestler from another film entirely. True to comedy form he has on his payroll a mad scientist who looks like Dr Forrester from Mystery Science Theater, a barely intelligible Igor-like sidekick and a couple of clumsy hired goons whom small children can outwit. Hilarity ensues as our heroes make a terrible film with laughable dialogue, sets and action.

    What can you say about a movie that steals many of it's effects and central characters directly from the footage of other bad movies? Lame doesn't cover it, atrocious doesn't come close to describing it, and frankly I think the guy that made this probably transitioned into porn sometime soon afterwards given the way he uses nubile females in this masterpiece of schlock. It leaves me feeling dirty, and by God I think I am. I enjoyed it as I enjoy many bad movies, because it's so downright terrible it makes you laugh out loud at how idiotic some people can be. It also makes you appreciate true cinema all the more, and for that I applaud this awful piece of celluloid. Watch it, it sucks.
  • Wow! Some really nasty comments about this movie. Folks, you're just not watching it right. You need three things: a good friend, a pipe wrench, and a bottle of gin. Now, toodle off to the kitchen, get the gin, and drink the entire bottle as quickly as possible. (Preferebly, in less than 15 minutes) Next, have the friend beat you repeatedly in the head with the pipe wrench, until you're not sure who you are, much less where you are. Now you're ready...pop the tape into the v.c.r. and enjoy!

    See? Now it makes sense when "crime-fighters" hide and watch a guy get shot to death.

    Now, of course a woman with road-kill on her head living in the suburbs can be a superhero.

    Of course, its perfectly logical that a major corporation would develop an "atomic hearing aid." (the nuclear powered enema is next...!)

    Why would'nt there be a race of mole people living under the southern California beach?

    (What do you mean, it dosen't make any damned sense at all? Have your friend hit you in the head a few more times!)

    So, I hope I've helped everyone attain a greater appreciation for this fine....Oh God, I can't go on!! Ten minutes into this piece of cinematic sludge, you'll pray someone stops by with a tape of "Manos" for you to watch instead. Anything but this. Look, if you like pain that much, there are people in clubs in any major city who are trained ...
  • j-shizzle27 June 2004
    This is not said for effect: after watching this for the second time with my sister, I sat up from my chair and noticed I was mildly (not slightly) queasy. Any person voting higher than "1" on this film is, without question, insane. I have seen many of the films on the "Bottom 100," and there are none that are even close to this one. If you submitted this film for a middle-school class project, you would grade between a C and F. Even if the film editor was from Romney's School of the Blind, there is some serious explaining needed.

    This film is horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. It made me physically sick. To the multitude who voted two or higher, because of you I will begin actively supporting the death penalty.
  • The pointlessly-named Batwoman (Katherine Victor) and her bevy of Batmaidens fight evil and dance.

    Long story short, I do not really know what this movie was about. Batwoman (who has nothing to do with bats) has a crew of brain-dead, go-go dancing girls who allegedly fight crime, but really just dance. They face off against a scientist who has a pill that... wait for it... makes people dance. It is just really, really bad.

    The only redeeming quality is the makeup effects on the mole people, but surprise -- they did not even do the effects. They just stole footage from another movie! And there is no surprise they got sued by the Batman people... I mean, this was clearly an attempt to cash in on his name.
  • rickherrick7720 December 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a celluloid gem. My understanding is that it was voted by fans of Mystery science Theater 3000 as the best episode. Summary: Batwoman is a superhero with a vague resemblance to the better-known Batman. Her main power is to "open unlocked doors" but her right hook on a bad guy implies a back story of the martial arts. Backstory is implied quite a bit in this film. She has had many battles with the supervillian Rat Fink ( a ripoff of Rat Phink a Boo Boo.) This time, however, Rat Fink kidnaps one of the Batgirls (one of Batwoman's trainees) in order to force Batwoman to steal an Atomic Hearing Aid (an atom bomb or simply a snoop's wonder-tool, we will destroy Miracle-Ear and rule the world!) Rat Fink by day is JB, a Mr. Drysdale lookalike whose partner in business falls for Queen Bat. A certain Dr. Neon, along with a Quasimodo-like assistant, have created mole people, who Rat Fink wants to cross-breed with the Batgirls. Many 0f the movie subplots have to do with go-go dancing in bikinis. well, see 4 yourself.
  • Well I've seen much worse (Red Zone Cuba, Brain that wouldn't die) but this still is in no way good. The positive: High intentional camp factor, buxom babe and the only films to have the Go-go pill (a pill that makes you do the go-go) at least you can have fun this the terrible material perfect for MSTing. In fact that's the best way of seeing it. Still ya got to wonder: what was the point of the mole people in the film? They didn't do a damn thing. Also I think the twist at the end of the movie did anything excepting making it stupid. Enjoy (if possible).
  • Dear lord this movie was terrible! And I watched it with the aid of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and I *still* couldn't watch the whole thing! I mean the costume that Batwoman wore literally *scared* me when they first showed her. And the girls are trained but completely helpless. And they keep drinking the same stupid potion over and over and over. And there's bad music and worse dancing. And the bad guys keep being complete morons despite the fact that Batwoman is an airhead and her followers even more so. And.... and... and..... *sob* Excuse me whilst I try to recover from the memories by watching Manos: Hands of Fate again.
  • Mst 3k continues to educate me in the many different way a movie can suck. I don't even know where to begin. So I will just mention how these are the lamest superheroes battling (if you can call walking around aimlessly and dancing stiffly battling) the lamest supervillian for a......HEARING AID???!!! WTF???!!! Most of the time I couldn't hear what the hell they were saying. But the two biggest WTF moments were the Chinese voice coming out of nowhere and that hoedown at the end. The deluge of exposition and "plot twists" at the end was so unnecessary. And what was with the mole people? They appeared for like a second and then were never seen again? I will forever remember this as the episode that nearly broke Tom Servo. END!!!!! EEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • GuyCC15 July 2001
    Pointless, plot less, and utterly a waste of time. That's the best way to describe this film. If someone could somehow adequately manage to describe the plot of this film to me, I'd either be very grateful, or be suspicious of how you were able to make any sense of this.

    From the guidebook-rule spouting Batwoman and her Batgirls, to tons of gratuitous dancing, to the random mole people cameo, to Ratfink and the "heart-stopping" chase er, fight, um "thing" that happened at the end.... No really, I'm not sure what happened, other than I looked up and 90 minutes of my life had been sucked away. Something in the plot about "Happy Pills". I wish they had been made available during the screening. I'd much rather try to dislocate my hip than to watch this film again. It's like a bunch of people had a video camera and were just goofing around, then decided to add a few silly costumes, and call it a "movie". I'm just not sure what the plot is. God, I really can't figure out what the purpose was of the film, or how making people happy was considered a bad thing. Batwoman and her foes seemed to have a very civil relationship, though.

    Mike and the bots try to help the viewer through this one, but they've got their work cut out for them. I couldn't imagine trying to survive this film without them.

    Best thing about the film? The "Cheating" short that precedes the film. THAT'S a true classic.
  • Written and directed by Jerry Warren, this one stars Katherine Victor as Batwoman. and George Mitchell is both the Professor AND the make-up artist. Jerry Warren WAS the horror-film king of the 1960's. Not much of a plot here, so don't look too hard. lots of tight sweaters and tight pants. Now we're at a pool in the LA hills, reciting the allegiance to Batwoman. kind of like a John Waters film. or maybe Benny Hill. Faded out film stock. lame plot, lame acting, lame directing, lame editing. SO campy. interesting only for the fans of camp horror films. nothing too ground-breaking or earth-shaking going on here. will this thing ever end?? determined to watch to the end, if i don't doze off first... skip it......
  • This film is horrible. Thank you comedians who tear the crap out of this piece of garbage. At least they can make fun of this and don't make us see the whole sad mess!I feel this was some horrible attempt at heterosexual titillation. Crow T. Robot puts it best, "You know a movie is bad when it makes The Monkeys look good!"
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