Most of the actresses were cast when the strip club where they worked was raided by the police. The casting director showed up in front of the club as it was being shut down and offered all of them work in the film.

The robbery-turned-murder scene at the start of this film is apparently taken from an unidentified Swedish film. A sign over a door in the background says "Livsmedel", which is a Swedish term for groceries.

DC Comics, which owns the character Batman, sued the production company, Associated Distributors Productions, for copyright infringement. Contrary to popular belief, Warren won. After the lawsuit, as the popularity of the Batman television series died down, Warren re-released the film under the title "She Was a Hippy Vampire". The Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988) episode featuring the film used the original title, "The Wild World of Batwoman," in the home video release.

Katherine Victor created the Batwoman costume herself because Jerry Warren would not hire a costume designer. She made the bat insignia with a cardboard cutout, outlined it on her chest with a drawing pencil, and filled it in with black eyeliner.

Reuses footage from The Mole People (1956).

In one shot, the name of the corporation as "Ayjax", not "Ajax". The shot was added after production, to prevent Ajax from suing.

The original idea for the film began with Jerry Warren realizing there was large popularity with the comic book superhero Batman; Warren decided to make his own Bat-like superhero character into a film. Warren offered the leading role to Katherine Victor. Having worked on Warren's previous productions such as Teenage Zombies and Curse of the Stone Hand, Victor was originally not very excited about working with Warren again. To convince her, Warren promised Victor large production values, color photography and her own bat boat in the film. None of these promises ever came to fruition. On receiving the script for the role of Seltzer, Bruno VeSota recalled that "...once again I was in for it. It would be like memorizing a telephone book with pages picked at random."

Katherine Victor claimed that on set if an actor rubbed Warren the wrong way, their lines would be cut out or given to other actors. Victor claimed "the pretty brunette who was kidnapped in the beginning of the picture was supposed to be the lead girl, but for some reason Jerry thought she was getting too big for her britches and gave all her lines to the girl in the leopard tights".

Bob Arbogast: Bruno VeSota's laryngitis-stricken assistant.