Colonel Stok: He was a very stupid man. A patriot, of course... very brave... During a war, such men earn medals, win victories... we are proud of them. But at such a time as now, a little bit stupid.

Leo Newbigen: [Nude in the sauna with Anya] Harry hey, what do you think, huh? Isn't she something?

Harry Palmer: Yeah, she's great. How's the wife and kids, Leo?

Col.Stok: I suppose a young man like you wouldn't know the pleasure of removing a tight collar.

Harry Palmer: I thought Lenin called such comforts "momentary interest."

Col.Stok: Don't tell me what Lenin said. I touched Lenin. I stood by him in Ruzheinaya Square in July, nineteen hundred and twenty; the second congress. I touched him. Those are the words he used to describe the comforts and pleasures with which the proletariat are diverted from their more important historic mission. But I am not being diverted. Well, are you going to offer me another drink?

Harry Palmer: In England, Colonel, the historic mission of the proletariat consists almost entirely of momentary interest.

Col.Ross: Your business is dead, Palmer. You're just about keeping alive on cornflakes.

Harry Palmer: The're full of vitamins.

Col.Ross: Really?

Harry Palmer: Yeah.

Col.Ross: Of course you realize I could draft you back any time I like, but I'm doing the decent thing and asking you to come back. You should be bloody grateful.

Harry Palmer: I'd be bloody grateful if you'd leave, Colonel.

Col.Ross: [Threateningly] If the Finnish police get ahold of you, Palmer, you'll be off the voting list for a long time.

Harry Palmer: OK, Leo, what's the catch?

Leo Newbigen: There's no catch.

Harry Palmer: Then who gets killed?

Leo Newbigen: Nobody gets killed.

Harry Palmer: There's no catch, and nobody gets killed? I'd still like to know more about it, Leo.

[Harry is shown a terminal of the Brain]

Harry Palmer: What does it do, tell fortunes?

Leo Newbigen: It *makes* fortunes: ours! Just a little toy, but it puts the MI5 and the CIA back into the Stone Age.

General Midwinter: No, you don't understand the kind of love I have for this great country of ours. Love's not built that way, my way, any more. These days love is marriage, and the compensation is alimony; love these days is bravery under fire, and the compensation is medals; love is a donation of party funds, and the compensation is a political plum; love is some lady you left back in St. Louis, or a fast haul in the back seat of an automobile. My love is nothing like that. My love is this great company of brave young men, who are proud to make their country strong!

Colonel Stok: They think the Latvians on the verge of overthrowing their tyrannical overlords. Heh heh. They think that people walking in the street out there are dreaming of the moment when they can become capitalist serfs again. They think we all lie awake dreaming of going to America. They think they can distribute pamphlets and gold, and a vast monarchist army will materialize overnight.

Col.Stok: When I was a young man we had a song: "Where tears fall, a rose will grow". Do you know that song?

Harry Palmer: No.

Col.Stok: If that was true, Latvia would be a land full of roses. You've no idea what things happened here during the war. Latvia had its share of war criminals, that worked with the Nazis, even joined the SS and massacred thousands of their own countrymen.

[Raises glass]

Col.Stok: Down the hatch! We've dossiers on hundreds of such Latvians. You would imagine that people guilty of such terror would remain quiet. But no, these scum are the worst troublemakers.

Col.Ross: [to Harry Palmer] You know, it's an extraordinary thing but I have the feeling you don't like working for me.

Harry Palmer: What exactly have you been saying we do in Latvia?

Leo Newbigen: I told the brain exactly what it wanted to hear.

Harry Palmer: Oh, yes? What would that be, Leo?

Leo Newbigen: I told it we had three hundred agents in Latvia dismantling missile sites and professional saboteurs ready for armed insurrection.

Harry Palmer: Er, or political assassination.

Leo Newbigen: Um, hmn. Mass uprisings...

Harry Palmer: Overthrowing governments.

Leo Newbigen: Yeah, overthrowing anything at all.

Harry Palmer: Three hundred agents? How much a week?

Leo Newbigen: Thirty thousand dollars.

Harry Palmer: Thirty thousand dollars a week?

Leo Newbegin: Plus expenses and from now on, you're in on half.

Harry Palmer: Oh, thank you, Leo. But I would like to stay alive to spend it. That lunatic is about to invade Soviet territory.

Leo Newbigen: And we're not going to be around when he does.

Harry Palmer: When he gets within five miles of the Latvian border, every alarm in the whole world will blow and four minutes later, nobody is going to be around.

Leo Newbigen: You want your money, don't you?

General Midwinter: Did you know for example, that the air in the East Coast of America is polluted by the Reds? Oh, you might look at me, but boy, I tell you and I know that the air in Texas is the only truly wholesome air in this world. That is why I have not been out of Texas in twenty five years. I don't like the air in other places.

Harry Palmer: It's amazing how we all survive, really.

Col.Ross: [after spilling a box of Harry's cornflakes on the floor] You get all your equipment from Kellogg's?

Anya: Do you think I tried to twice cross you?

Harry Palmer: If you mean double cross, I think, yes.

Anya: How exciting!

General Midwinter: Leo, this entire area is surrounded. You cannot get away! Because my arm is long and my vengeance is total and may God forgive you, because I certainly won't.

General Midwinter: [Addressing a crowd of loyal supporters] The Lord gave us strength! The Lord gave us courage! The Lord said, "Use them!"

General Midwinter: [continues, as the crowd yells "Amen!"] The Lord said we must fight communism. We must smite communism! "Why dost thou sit there?" sayeth the Lord. "Rise up and spread my word. Rise up and fight my fight. Rise up and fight for what I say is right!"

Harry Palmer: [Quietly standing amongst the crowd, with a bemused look] Amen.

General Midwinter: You like the sound of gunfire? Me, I *love* it!

Harry Palmer: Who are you fighting, General?

General Midwinter: You don't know what's going on in the world, son. There's only one important issue in this world today: communism. That's the threat. That's what's important. You Europeans, you don't know anything about it. You've all been brainwashed by the communists. Just like those politicians in Washington!... Communism threatens Europe. And Europe has got to fight back against communism. Close ranks. Hit them hard - real hard! You understand me, boy?

Harry Palmer: [sounding casual] Sounds dangerous.

General Midwinter: It *is* dangerous!

Harry Palmer: You mean you really are going to try to start a revolution?

General Midwinter: When the Hungarian people rose up in 1956 and they called to the world for help, to our everlasting shame, we failed them. I tell you, boy, we will not make that mistake again. When the people of Latvia rise up and call for help - and they will - my organization with all its resources will be right there. And once we have shown the way, the United States government and all the governments of the Free World will follow. I know!

General Midwinter: I am going to crucify every Red atheist, and I am going to destroy the pagan communists forever!

Harry Palmer: Dr. Kaarna, I presume?

Harry Palmer: I suppose I ought to wish you good luck.

Dr. Eiwort: You may do as you please. For me this is not a game of chance. And I am not in it for the money.

Harry Palmer: What is it then, your hobby?

General Midwinter: Oh Lord, I humbly accept the sword of leadership which thou hast thrust upon me.

General Midwinter: You have disappointed me Harry, you have let me down. You've sold out!

Harry Palmer: What have I done?

General Midwinter: These photographs show what you have done!

Harry Palmer: I think you're making a big mistake, General.

General Midwinter: You are the one who's made a mistake, boy!

Harry Palmer: What's going on?

General Midwinter: I am not going to rest until every communist, and everyone who works for the communists, is six feet under ground. Go down and join you're communist friend.

Harry Palmer: You, General Midwinter, are the biggest idiot I have ever met.

Anya: Goodbye Harry. We would have made nice babies together. Good bye.

Harry Palmer: Some games are more dangerous than others.

General Midwinter: Don't try to cheat me, boy because my arm is long and my vengeance is terrible!

Leo Newbigen: [Offering Palmer a cigarette] Cigarette?

Harry Palmer: [accepting it] Half-a-million thanks.

Harry Palmer: [as they're all sitting in a steamy Finnish sauna] Leo, you look great... better than the last time I saw you.

Leo Newbigen: Yeah, In Prague. I haven't forgotten.

Leo Newbigen: [to Anya] That guy there saved my life. Fished me out of the Moldau.

Harry Palmer: I had to. He had the car... keys in his pocket.

Anya: Well, we must have a celebration. What do you think? Champagne? Brandy? Whisky? Vodka? What do you like?

Harry Palmer: I wouldn't mind a cup of tea...

Anya: [Bursts out laughing] How beautiful! It's so beautiful, for the Englishman to have his tea!

Harry Palmer: Mind how you go, colonel.

Colonel Stok: Mind how *you* go. Be wise! Don't go to the meeting tomorrow. Good to see you, English.


Harry Palmer: Thanks for the warning, colonel.

Colonel Stok: You know where Shostakovich wrote that symphony? In the heart of Leningrad, in 1941. The Germans had cut them off. They were all about to die. It means a lot to us. We don't forget those times so easily.

Colonel Stok: [looks at Palmer's bruised face] I *warned* you, English.

Colonel Stok: [chuckles mischievously] Come on, you need a *drink*!

General Midwinter: [leading Palmer down to his high-tech underground control center] Come on...

Harry Palmer: Where are we going, General?

General Midwinter: Into the 21st century, son. This is how wars are gonna' be fought, and how life is gonna' be lived!

Harry Palmer: Oh, it's quite modern, then?

General Midwinter: "Modern"? It makes the Pentagon look like a room in the Alamo.