• WARNING: Spoilers

    A black and white playful capricious love story set in the modeling world of Barcelona in the 60's. The beautiful but engaged model falls in love with an outsider. She interrogates him about love in an endless and original dialogue during which they get closer and closer. His answers surprise her in a positive way, since they agree that all social limitations and ideas about love are a human misconception. Their outside world is set in smokey clubs, outgoing beautiful, freeminded people, uninhibited by the social norms in Spain in those days. Perfectly styles with dresses from Courège, this movie is also an ode to fashion and Gaudí. Hip, arty, sixties, rock Inspired by the Nouvelle Vague in a cheerful way. Sometimes the mainly black and white film gets interrupted with full color fragments for example when ADAM GRUP the Spanish answer to the Beatles plays a full length clip on the beach. This movie stands as a hallmark for the well known Barcelona School of film. Besides telling the close up story of two people in love, Carlos Durán offers a beautiful view on Spain and Barcelona in the sixties.