Alastair MacGregor: [the MacGregors have just toasted Scotland] Mr. Donovan, you're a great drinker, and yet you're not drinkin' with us in the most beautiful country in the world.

Pa Donovan: 'Course I'll drink to it, MacGregor. I'll be drinkin' to my Ireland!

Pa Donovan: Hip hip...

[Donovan's family women answer with "hooray!"]

Alastair MacGregor: Listen here, Donovan. When one has the distinguished privilege of the hospitality of a Scots family, you must have the good taste not to sing the praises of Ireland, which is, after all, one of our colonies.

Pa Donovan: Mr. MacGregor, when you're the host of the Irish, you cannot insult my country and go scot-free!

[Donovan hauls off and punches MacGregor in the face]

Alastair MacGregor: Mr. Donovan, it's always a great pleasure for me when you give me the chance to have a frank talk!

[MacGregor hauls off and slugs Donovan in the stomach. Big brawl ensues]