• WARNING: Spoilers

    In a rural part of England a flurry of what seem to be meteors hits the earth and government scientists are interested because the things landed in perfect formation. Initially Dr. Curtis Temple (Robert Hutton) is pressed into service to examine the things but when he is restricted because of a metal plate recently placed in his skull due to an auto accident, his gal pal and right-hand person Lee Mason (Jennifer Jayne) is sent in to investigate and gather research information about the space rocks. When an attempt is made to break open one of the rocks, the group of scientists are knocked silly and become ultimately possessed by some alien mentality that motivates them to build a large compound where they can launch a rocket to the moon. When Curtis is prevented from entering and shunned by a body that appears to be his girl friend Lee, he gets help from a scientist friend and they manage to make some home-made instruments that allow them into the world of the alien visitors.