Harry Price: Juliana, baby! What are you doing? You want to get arrested?

Juliana: I'm dancing! It's a cool, crazy night. I'm on a beach. In Montevideo. It's just you and me and a million funny looking stars shining down.

Harry Price: Man, I've really got to get you to that place. But, soon.

Juliana: Promise?

Harry Price: Promise.

Juliana: You're a very bad man, Mr. Celli.

Cesare Celli: Thank you.

Harry Price: I talked to Uncle Carlo. He didn't hear a word I said. Sounded like he was on pot or something!

Cesare Celli: Ain't you got no manners? Who?

Harry Price: My chick! That's who.

Juliana: Buongiorno, Mr. Celli.

Juliana: You're a riot, Harry.

Harry Price: Thanks, baby.

Professor Samuels: Who's the dish?

Cesare Celli: Juliana, his chick.

Juliana: I know you're only laughing to cover up the way you feel.

Harry Price: You know why I dig you, baby? Because you're with me all the way - every lovin' wild inch of you.

Professor Samuels: I've been in this business a long time. More than 46 years. I've planned some of the biggest capers you ever read about. It drove the G-men crazy. You've heard of Capone, Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd? Oh, I could name a dozen others. All my clients. You name them, I planned them. More than $22 million and that's when the dollar was a dollar. They even made movies about them.

Cesare Celli: And the most important thing, he never got caught. The Professor and I sat together many times dreaming of jobs. Some we already did. Some we wasn't gonna do. Now, when I need, when Don Cesare, needs to get back respect, I call him in Philadelphia and he is here. This time, we do the plan for the biggest bundle of dem all.

Harry Price: You're flappin' your gums, Celli. Give up!

Cesare Celli: No flap no gums!

Cesare Celli: Punks. Small-timers. Chiselers!

Teresa: Where have you been these past days? I come back from Africa and not find you. I've been worried sick. Not even a call from the telephone. You don't love your little pussy cat no more?

Teresa: You lie! You take my jewels to another woman. You cheat! You adulterer! You Indian Giver!

Juliana: Help me hook it up, Harry.

Juliana: You know, Mr. Celli's a very smart man. Too bad you didn't know him before you met him.

Harry Price: Sure, baby.

Teresa: You acting like a nervous bride groom. Oh, come to bed. I will give you a little surprise.

Cesare Celli: Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

Teresa: It has been so long.

Cesare Celli: Oh, sì, sì.

Cesare Celli: You are like a small child - with a bright, new toy.

Professor Samuels: The deal is off. These bums couldn't lift two pounds of horse feathers.

Cesare Celli: Where are you going?

Davey Collins: It's time to see my wife. You know how mad she gets if I don't see her in the afternoon.

Cesare Celli: No more lovemaking! Not until the job is finished.

Davey Collins: She's gonna be really mad at me.

Harry Price: Tozzi! You, you go. And no lip, understand. Here.

[gives him a gun]

Antonio Tozzi: I can't - take it, Harry.

Harry Price: What do you mean you can't take it?

Antonio Tozzi: I am a pacifist.

Harry Price: You're a pacifist?

Antonio Tozzi: Yes.

Harry Price: This isn't a war! It's a stick up! Now, go on.

Cesare Celli: They have everything in Morocco, my dear!

Harry Price: Celli, you're a real cuckoo bird!

Eric Burdon: [singing] Somewhere - in the world, There is a someone who, Believes in me, And somewhere - in this world, Is the girl who shares, My destiny, In a time, In a place, And a world where they sing, So I'm chasing, The biggest bundle of them all, The biggest bundle of them all...

Juliana: I think you boys did just great!

Cesare Celli: No patting the back. We're not done yet!

Davey Collins: Harry's outside. Better hurry up.

Juliana: I'm afraid I don't know much about such things; but, I'd like to learn.

Cesare Celli: I teach-a you some time; but, right now, I must concentrate on work.

Juliana: But, surely, all work and no pleasure is not healthy. You should relax more.

Cesare Celli: Perhaps, but, the boss has a greater responsibility.

Juliana: I know exactly what you need.

Angelina Pedrone: Antonio's a chef.

Lt. Naldi: Oh, we know it. We know it. Has he been around to see you?

Angelina Pedrone: No. I won't allow it. Not until he loses a 100 pounds. No girl likes to get crushed.

Harry Price: What are you doing here?

Juliana: Dancing - with the Professor. You know, he's really got the beat - for his age, I mean.

Professor Samuels: A great little teacher. Teaching me the Watusi. I never thought I'd get past the Mashed Potato.

Cesare Celli: You are very kind to an old man. I appreciate.

Juliana: You're not so old. Don't ever say that.

Cesare Celli: I don't mean old old. I'm still young enough to enjoy - a pretty girl.