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  • mayank_7826 June 2013
    When this film was released in 1967, Raj Kapoor had far left his youthful days and his on screen charisma had faded, even though he decently plays the part as protagonist(another one of his roles as an honest man with a golden heart). His pairing with Saira Banu, who was average in the film, is also unconvincing. The story was a major letdown as was the mediocre direction.

    The only saving grace was the rather good songs. Not much to expect from the film, this is just bad(no doubt it failed at the box office also). Raj Kapoor did better films in his heydays. Better watch them than this.
  • porcelain8810 January 2016
    so after working for two exhausting weeks i took a couple of days off in which i decided to watch 2 classic movies as they are my favorite and i had Raj Kapoor in my mind i choose Awaara and Diwana because i never watched them before until now in Awaara it literally blew my mind really magnificent pure diamond piece of art

    Unfortunately Diwana is a whole different story i could not last the whole movie i stopped almost after an hour and half (i actually decided to watch Parvarish another golden classic for him ) to describe Diwana as far as i watched in one sentence too old Raj Kapoor too young naive Saira Banu too repetitive predictable story so overall too long boring movie

    if you want to watch something for Raj Kapoor pick from the list of golden classics as i always do from now on