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  • Passable though mediocre Tortilla/Spaghetti full of fury , action, and portentous duels . This acceptable but regularly made Paella Western that owes a considerable debt to Leone deals with a Sheriff named T. Mitchell (Jesús Puente) has prisoner in jail to an innocent called Powell (Miguel Del Castillo) . The sheriff frees him but nasty land baron Moran (Armando Calvo) takes to Powell and hanging him and later on kills Marshal Mitchell in presence his child Alex . Little Alex and his sister called Judy Mitchell (grown-up Mara Cruz) are adopted by a quaker family and he befriends Mark (Luis Gaspar). One time grown-up Alex Mitchell (Pietro Martellanza as Peter Martell) carries out a relentless vendetta against Moran (Armando Calvo) and his hoodlums : his son Charly Moran (Mario Novelli as Anthony Freeman) , Doc (Antonio Pica) and others .

    Leone-style Western with nice performances and regular direction by Rafael Romero Marchent who creates some good action scenes and exciting set pieces . The movie contains typical particularities Spaghetti , as is full of fury , sadism , bloodbaths , and close-ups of grime-encrusted faces . The notorious Spaghetti/Paella actor , Peter Martell is good in his usual tough role , here playing a miserable young become into a terrible avenger . His role is well performed , he plays as a merciless revenger , a violent young who seeks a bloody vendetta , an usual plot in Spaghetti/Chorizo Western . Pietro Martellanza or Peter Martell was born on September 30, 1938 in Bolzano, Italy as Pietro Martellanz and he died in Bolzano ,2010 . He was a mediocre actor , known for playing Spaghettis such as ¨Fury of Johnny Kid¨ , ¨Lola Colt¨, ¨Arizona Colt¨ ,¨The Long Day of the Massacre¨, "God Made Them... I Kill Them" , ¨Ciakmul¨ , ¨Gunman of Ave Maria¨ , and performing some Giallos such as "Death Walks at Midnight" , "The French Sex Murders" and ¨Tears of Kali¨. Furthermore , a largely secondary cast plenty with Spanish secondaries , all of them ordinary in Chorizo western as Emilio Rodríguez , Antonio Pica , Xan Das Bolas , Dyanik Zurakowska , Miguel Del Castillo , Mara Cruz , uncredited Cris Huerta as fat man killed in saloon by Charly and the great Jesús Puente , usually playing good characters , this time as a fine sheriff , among others , though there sadly lacks Fernando Sancho . Mediocre photography by Emilio Foriscot, being necessary a right remastering because of the film copy is washed-out , filmed on location in Las Rozas , Manzanares Del Real , La Pedriza , Madrid . And being accompanied by an agreeable musical score by Francesco De Massi , including catching leitmotif and enjoyable songs at the beginning and ending.

    The motion picture was written by usual writer/producer Eduardo Manzanos Brochero along with Enzo Battaglia based on a story by the latter . The movie was produced in enough budget by Eduardo Manzanos Brochero who started producing ¨Il Coyote¨ and ¨The Jiusticia De Coyote¨ by Joaquin Romero Marchent with Abel Salazar and Gloria Marin . After that , he produced with his company Copercines ¨Vengeance of Zorro¨ and ¨L'Ombra di Zorro¨ (1962) by Joaquin Marchent . Eduardo Manzanos built a Western town in Hoyo De Manzanares (Madrid) , today disappeared , called ¨Golden City¨ built by José Luis Galicia , Jaime Pérez Cubero -usually credited as Cubero and Galicia- where filmed several Western as Welcome Padre Murray , Brandy and various Zorro movies and ¨Leone trilogy¨ about ¨man without name¨ starred by Clint Eastwood . Being regularly directed and in his own personal style by Rafael Romero Marchent . Rafael Romero Marchent was born on May 3, 1926 in Madrid, Spain. He is a director and actor, known for Garringo, Un Dolar de Recompensa , or Manos Torpes . Rafael Romero Marchent was brother of Joaquin Luis Romero , who was the first to shoot Westerns in Spain . At first, Rafael Romero began in films as an actor, but when his career began to wane, he preferred to spend time behind the camera . Rafael is an expert writer and director of Spaghetti Western as proved in ¨Two crosses on Danger Pass¨, Cry for revenge¨, ¨Two guns for two twins¨ and ¨Sartana Kills Them All¨ or ¨Un par Asesinos¨. While his brother Joaquin Marchent is deemed the Paella Western's best director , his first film was ¨El Coyote¨ and the sequel titled ¨Revenge of Coyote¨ shot in Mexico ; after that , he filmed ¨The shadow of Zorro¨ and ¨Revenge of Zorro¨, he went go directing Western as ¨ Riding to death ¨ , ¨Adventures in the West¨ , ¨Three good men¨, ¨Sabor Venganza ¨ and the most popular and violent ¨Condenados a Vivir¨ . Plus , he wrote for his brother Rafael Romero Marchent the followings Western : ¨Manos Torpes¨, ¨Ocaso Un Pistolero¨ , ¨Garringo¨ , ¨Sartana Kills Them All¨ and this ¨Dos Cruces en Danger Pass¨ . Rating : 5,5/10 . Passable though middling Chorizo Western , though contains some flaws and gaps ; however , it results to be entertaining .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    TWO CROSSES AT DANGER PASS is very much a stock spaghetti western that lacks the stylistics familiar from the best of the genre. This one follows the usual revenge template as it sees a couple of youths surviving a massacre only for the male survivor to swear vengeance against the man responsible. What follows is a mix of shoot-outs, melodrama, and routine plotting, all of it acted and portrayed in a familiar but unexciting way. The film is badly dubbed and shot in the dirt with grime-encrusted streets and actors and that peculiar sun-scorched look that Spanish additions to the genre always have. It's a passable time-waster but certainly far from the best of its type.