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  • There was a time of expensive films supported by the state in the middle-European-area. Like SU made his "War and Peace"-blockbuster (cca.$300 million), his political partner Hungary made him too. It is called "Stars of Eger" from Geza Gardonyi's classic novel. Eger is a town that won a match against theTturkish army in the 16th century.
  • I do not know enough about Hungarian history to judge if this movie accurately portrays the Turk-Hungarian wars, but it is quite entertaining as far as war movies go. There were plenty of confusing parts, but these parts are in the original book too, so you cannot blame the movie makers. For example, our hero travels to Istanbul to rescue his father. He encounters some resistance, and so he sails away. Heroes should not just quit and sail away and leave their family in prison, so that is one thing I cannot understand. Another reviewer, Endredil from Hungary, noted some of the unintentionally funny scenes involving the soldiers. I did not notice this at first, but after I read Endredil's comments, I re-watched the scenes, and I realized he is absolutely correct. Pay attention when the Hungarians pour boiling water on the Turks on the ladders. Instead of just falling down, the soldiers turn around, and you can actually see them looking for a place to fall (I guess these are stunt men looking for the safe mattress to fall on). Good movie filled with love and comedy, as well as historical adventure.
  • There were many mistakes, unskilled men playing soldiers at the ambush, sometimes very slow scenes, which make the film funny. For example: "dying" Turkish fighters watch peacefully the continue of the battle, they look around after being boiled by hot water and jumping down (at the wall climbing), fake Gypsy dancing for long minutes without any reason. But it was the last big Hungarian film. The original story is perfect with its heroic historical content and romantic events, which would be interesting for a foreigner too. A modern adaption would be a good idea, but the present Hungarian film makers weren't able to do as good film as the story would deserve - I think.
  • mazarin071 April 2011
    The large-scale historical novel "Egri csillagok" ("Stars of Eger") Géza Gárdonyi is a required reading in any Hungarian primary school. This novel was the base for the monumental film directed by Zoltán Várkonyi featuring the greatest Hungarian actors of that time. We are in mid- 1500s Hungary. The country is ravaged by raiding Turkish troops, that are robbing, looting, and hunting for slaves. Gergely Bornemisza and Éva Cecey are still children when they fall into the hands of Jumurdzsák, a Turkish military commander who wants to sell his valuable prisoners on an Eastern slaves market. However, the children manage to escaped, and carry with them a precious talisman of their superstitious kidnapper. The Turkish master has no more luck, while the brave little boy Gergely Bornemisza becomes lucky.
  • This is a very well directed historical fiction film made with the best of the Hungarian actors and director of the time. In almost half a century the film lost nothing of its original entertainment, educational and inspirational value. The story line follows the book it was based on: Egri Csillagok (Stars of Eger) by Géza Gárdonyi. The theme of the film was built around solid historical facts: a handful of heroically brave men and women held up the besieged fortress of Eger (Hungary) against the powerful army of the Turkish Emperor for more than a month in 1552. István Dobó and Gergely Bornemissza were real historical persons, just as Bálint Török and István Majláth were. The latter two spent the rest of their lives in the infamous Yedikule fortress (Istanbul) after the Turks kidnapped them under the pretense of "friendly invitation". Gergely Bornemissza was indeed a very skilled and inventive artillery commanding officer. Another sad fact was King Ferdinand's refusal to effectively help the Hungarians with material or manpower contribution in the dire situation. The love story of Gergely Bornemissza and Éva Cecey is fictitious. Her "engagement dance" with Adam Fürjes as well as the gypsy farewell ritual are not even based on Hungarian traditions, however, this 5-10 minutes manifestation of artistic freedom is acceptable. The failed rescue attempt form the Yedikule is fiction as well, but very realistic, "could have happened". The "Egri Csillagok" was the first Hungarian "superproduction" after WWII. The budget was nowhere near to that of a Hollywood production, and the Hungarian film crew was very creative in keeping costs low without letting quality suffer. I have seen the film in 68, then later when it came out on VHS, and just recently on DVD. I did not feel that it was old, obsolete, or it should have been done differently, it was thoroughly enjoyable after 48 years.
  • I just finished watching this Hungarian classic and I must say that it is a really nice movie, even though the movie is full of mistakes about the Turks. The Turkish music in the movie is kind of funny, reminds me of the old American movies about the Arabs and flying carpets. And the clothes, i just can not imagine a place where everybody dresses up like clowns. The director exaggerated some scenes, like the gypsy leaving his tribe and dancing for his death, come on, the real life is not a circus. But still, the movie was one of the best Hungarian movies I have seen. And I guess they didn't expect any foreigners to see this movie so they just wanted to make Hungarians a little bit patriotic. I am not judging this, I mean after seeing thousands of American movies with fake heroes I can easily handle this one. Anyway, I recommend this movie but don't take the script so serious (I know that it is from the famous novel Egri Csillagok but it is full of mistakes, the novel was written to make Hungarians proud since they were a slave nation for hundreds of years).
  • cosmin74200025 August 2018
    A very bad movie ,.If this were maken in our days i have no pretention , but is make in 68.The movie is inutil divided in 2 parts without bond between them.I never see in my life so many turcks speaking hungarian.There are so many mistakes almost like in Matrix , LOTR , MI , 007, FF, Avatar , Gravity or other craps of our days