Professor Jim Tanner: They say that power corrupts - and that absolute power - I wonder...

Arthur Nordlund: [in the human testing lab at the Institute] Tell me, is the pain really that intense?

Professor Jim Tanner: We almost hit the limit just now.

Arthur Nordlund: You mean from just a small spot over the forehead?

Professor Jim Tanner: It's not the size of the exposure, Mr. Nordlund. Size has nothing to do with it. In fact, uh, two areas of pain are no more intense than one.

Professor Jim Tanner: [motions to the test chair] Now, would you care to try it?

Arthur Nordlund: No, thank you!

Arthur Nordlund: [in the human testing lab at the Institute, looking at one of the test subjects, submerged in a tank with monitoring wires attached] How do you ever get them to do it?

Professor Jim Tanner: Why, it's easy. See, they make more here in an hour than, uh, they can in serving student tables at a commissary for 3 weeks. Uh, have you ever served tables at a student commissary, Mr. Nordlund?

Arthur Nordlund: Yeah, I see what you mean.