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12 October 2017 | ma-cortes
| Inferior Spanish/Italian co-production stars Charles Quiney and regularly directed by José Luis Merino , made in Spaghetti/Paella style
Below average story about the famous masked adventurer in Gazpacho/Maccaroni Western style financed by Carthago and Duca productions. This inferior Zorro with Spaghetti style is a mediocre adaptation inspired from Johnston McCulley character starred by Carlos Quiney as Antonio Sandoval / El Zorro (as Charles Quiney) , a dashing masked avenger . It deals with a land baron (Fernando Hilbeck) who attempts to rob a valuable Indian emerald and his nemesis , Antonio Sandoval , an aristocrat who is really Zorro. While , a beautiful woman (Malisa Longo) who is engaged to Arturo and schemes a plan to free her father (Antonio Jimenez Escribano) , -who knows location a treasure- , from a prison . As Zorro intervenes and breaks him out . Meanwhile , the nasty owner and his hoodlums (Pascuale Basile) take on the dashing masked avenger . And a Pinkerton Agency detective (Maria Mahor) is hired to discover true identity of the cunning Zorro . Later on , Zorro faces savage Indians and carries out a dangerous fight against a brave warrior . At the end takes place an Indian attack and a confrontation at a grotto where are joined the good guys and bad guys , but Zorro reunites forces and helps unfortunates .

Average story in ironical tone about the famous masked adventurer and in Gazpacho/Spaghetti Western style . This inferior Zorro in Spaghetti style is a mediocre adaptation inspired from Johnston McCulley character starred by Charles Quiney as the dashing masked avenger . This Chorizo/Pasta Western is filled with action , crossfire , thrills , intrigue , spectacular horse riding by Zorro and humor . This Zorro was middlingly starred by Charles Quiney , he took a chance and jumped from warlike action ("Hell Commandos" , ¨When heroes die¨) and adventures (Tiger of Kyber , Robin Hood) to costumed Western and various Zorros , as Quiney played ¨Zorro De Monterrey¨, ¨Last adventure Zorro¨ . Quiney steals the show as a foppish Zorro relishing his secret identity dressed in black ; executing bounds and leaps , twists and climbs and throughly enjoys himself . In the movie appears usual support actors , as Spanish as Italian : Fernando Hilbeck , María Mahor , Pasquale Basile , Enrique Ávila and Antonio Jimenez Escribano . Shot by cameraman Emanuele Di Cola on Spanish locations in Patones , Seseña , Aldea Del Fresno , Colmenar Viejo and Almeria . Pretty good musical score by the prolific Francesco De Massi .

The motion picture was lousily directed by Jose Luis Merino , under pseudonym Joseph Marvin and uncredited Luigi Capuano , though resulted to be below average . Merino is a skill and successfully craftsman . He often uses same actors , such as Stelvio Rossi , Peter Lee Lawrence , George Hilton and Charles Quiney . He has written/directed numerous films of all kinds of genres , such as Terror : Ivanna , The hanging woman ; Euro-spy : Colpo Sensazionale Al Servicio Del Sifar ; Chorizo/Spaghetti Western : More Dollars for the MacGregors , Frontera Sur , Réquiem for the gringo , Gatling gun , Seven ride to death , ; Wartime : Last Panzer battle , Hell commandos , A Bullet for Rommel , When heroes die ; Musical : Europa Canta , Aquellos Tiempos Del Cuple , and his most successful films are the fresh and diverting adventures : Tarzan and King Salomon's mines , Robin Hood , Rebelion De Bucaneros , El Zorro De Monterrey , and Last adventure of Zorro.

There are lots of Zorros , as European Zorros filmed by that time are the followings : ¨Zorro all Corte Di Spaña¨ (1963) by Luigi Capuano , ¨Zorro versus Maciste¨ by Umberto Lenzi with Pierre Brice , Alan Steel , Moira Orfei ; ¨El Jiuramento Di Zorro¨ by Ricardo Blasco with Guy Stockwell and Mikaela ; ¨Zorro Il Ribelle¨ by Piero Pirotti with Howard Ross ; ¨Il Figlio Di Zorro¨ (1973) by Gianfranco Baldanello and two directed by Jose Luis Merino with Charles Quiney and Maria Pia Conte as ¨Zorro the rider of vendetta¨ and ¨Zorro of Monterrey ¨ . Joaquin Marchent is deemed to be the Paella Western's best director , he made ¨El Coyote¨ , a Zorro-alike and the sequel titled ¨Revenge of Coyote¨ shot in Mexico ; after that , he filmed ¨The shadow of Zorro¨ and ¨Revenge of Zorro also titled ¨Vengeance of Zorro¨ and ¨L'Ombra Di Zorro¨ (1962) with Frank Latimore , Paul Piaget and Robert Hundar . And French version in similar style as ¨Le Tulipe Noie¨ (1964) with Alain Delon and Virna Lisi and ¨Zorro¨(1975) by Duccio Tessari with Alain Delon, Octavia Piccolo and Stanley Baker .

And American Zorros are the followings : The mute classic adaptation ¨Mark of Zorro¨ 1920, Fred Niblo, with Douglas Fairbanks, the classic ¨Mark of Zorro¨, 1940, Robert Mamoulian with Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone and Linda Darnell), and followed by ¨The legend of Zorro¨ 2005, Martin Campbell again with Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Tony Amendola, Pedro Armendariz and Rufus Sewell .

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Comedy | Western


Release Date:

9 April 1971



Country of Origin

Spain, Italy

Filming Locations

Moro Studios, Madrid, Spain

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