The exterior of Dr. Welby's office was the same building used as the Cleaver family home on Leave It to Beaver (1957) with only Welby's shingle as the new addition to the set.

Season 6, Episode 5, "The Outrage", about a gay child molester, sparked real outrage by gay activists who complained the show was perpetuating anti-gay stereotypes, which prompted picketing across the country.

Spoofed in Mad Magazine as "Makeus Sickby, M.D.".

Elena Verdugo, who played Welby's nurse/assistant Consuelo on all but one episode of the series, got her start as a "femme fatale" in 1940s Westerns and horror films. Her most prominent role before Welby was as Wolf Man Larry Talbot's love interest in The House of Frankenstein.