Sir Francis Leybourne: [the Attache is sobbing] I thought you people were supposed to be inscrutable?

Chinese Trade Attache: Please, Sir Francis, China doesn't want any more opium.

Sir Francis Leybourne: Oh, do be sensible. You chaps have already lost one war with Great Britain about this.

Chinese Trade Attache: But to force us to buy it...

Sir Francis Leybourne: Well, you signed a treaty agreeing to!

Chinese Trade Attache: Your gunboats were right up our Yangtze!

Sir Francis Leybourne: No use getting hysterical, Mr Feng.

Chinese Trade Attache: Then let me appeal to our friendship; those happy weekends I used to spend at your townhouse; your late wife was always so kind to me. More than kind. She...

Sir Francis Leybourne: She was an eccentric about the inferior races. My dear fellow, I've put a lot of money into that opium plantation. Damn it, it's hard enough to get the Indians to harvest the stuff. Blasted natives! You pay them two pounds ten a year and they're useless.

Chinese Trade Attache: If you could see what the opium does to our people; they lie about the streets like dead flies.

Sir Francis Leybourne: Well, get them to use a little self-discipline, man. Self control - works wonders. Look at the English!