For the first time in a Portuguese movie, the producer relied on product placement to help finance the film, that he started with his mother's (anticipated) inheritance and a small official subsidy. Some scenes of Maria Cabral were shot with emphasis on an ice-cream or a dentifrice tooth-paste label, the red label of a major whiskey producer, the national best selling trademark beer, orange juice and green whine, a bank and naturally, the Japanese still camera used for the star's photo sessions and choice of lady wear. Since the producer was also the director, he managed it so that the placements go unnoticed by most of the public.

Awards: Grande Prémio SEIT 1970 (António da Cunha Telles) Prémio SEIT 1970 - Melhor Actriz (Maria Cabral) & Melhor Fotografia (Acácio de Almeida) Prémio da Casa da Imprensa - Melhor Realizador (António da Cunha Telles) & Melhor Actriz (Maria Cabral) Prémio da Revista Plateia à Melhor Actriz (Maria Cabral) Prémio dos Criticos da Revista Plateia ao Melhor Film (António da Cunha Telles)