Wil Oxley: Why did my father kill himself?

Marshal Frank Patch: I don't know, son.

Wil Oxley: Tell me! Tell me!

Marshal Frank Patch: A long time ago, a man was killed... shot in the back.

Wil Oxley: My father did it?

Marshal Frank Patch: Nobody knew for sure who did it.

Wil Oxley: You knew. Why didn't he hang?

Marshal Frank Patch: There was nothing to be gained by hanging. The dead man had a child - a son. Your father agreed to raise him as his own.

Claire Quintana: You mean that, didn't you?

Marshal Frank Patch: Mean what?

Claire Quintana: About marrying me.

Marshal Frank Patch: Yeah.

Claire Quintana: When, Frank?

Marshal Frank Patch: Right now.

Claire Quintana: Can a bride have an hour to get ready?

Marshal Frank Patch: It'll take you that long?

Claire Quintana: Uh-huh.

Marshal Frank Patch: Well, all right, but hurry up.

Claire Quintana: Frank?

Marshal Frank Patch: Yeah?

Claire Quintana: What about the preacher? He might want to be in on this.

Angela: I can't charge you for crying on my sheets.

Luke Mills: I had too much to drink.

Angela: Of course you did, lover.

Luke Mills: Take the money.

Angela: For what? If a pipefitter can't lay pipe, he ought to try another business.

[Mr. Brant, the undertaker, tries to console Mrs. Mills, the "grieving" widow]

Arch Brandt: Needless to say, Mrs. Mills, we all share your grief.

Laurie Mills: What's the price of your cheapest funeral?

Laurie Mills: They said it's only right and proper that I should give Luke a good Christian funeral. Fill him with formaldehyde and plaster down his hair so good Christian folk can come look at him on display like at a wax museum.

Dan Joslin: It's awful seeing a man kill himself. One minute he's there... alive... then he's dead. Blood and the smell of powdersmoke. And it's all over and done with. It's awful!

Lou Trinidad: Civilization is a wonderful thing, ain't it, Doc?

Doc Adams: If they ever got it started it might work.

Marshal Frank Patch: Do you want to know something, Dan?

Dan Joslin: What?

Marshal Frank Patch: You're a bad liar. If you want to succeed in this world, you got to learn to be a good liar.

Ivan Stanek: We don't have any law in this jerkwater town - he's the law! He's passed his sentence on practically everything and everyone. The people should be the law and will be the law, when they get the urge to get rid of Frank Patch. You see, gentlemen, what we're really deciding here is whether we move forward or backward. We either need to keep up with the times or we lose out.

[discussing Frank Patch]

Lester Locke: There's that mayor over there drumming up a meeting with all those rich and proper jackasses - hollering and shouting around, quoting some stupid law or bylaw. Then they'll all go stomping down to the jailhouse, take a look at God Almighty, then he'll take one good look back at 'em, and they'll all wet their britches and go on home.