Abner Audubon Peacock IV: B-But I wouldn't know the first thing about publishing filth.

Shrader: You're young, you can learn!

Atty. Gen. Frederick Snow: If you love your country, you'll publish a filthy magazine.

Atty. Gen. Frederick Snow: Look at his body - thin, wasted away by the dissipation and debauchery of a life of unspeakable orgies and depravity!

Darrell Evans Hughes: This is a dirty case, and a dirty little man. It is with disgust to the point of nausea that I find myself sitting next to this filthy little degenerate. But when I see this filthy little degenerate's constitutional rights being threatened, then I must take this filthy little degenerate into my arms, clasp him to my breast, and fight for this filthy little degenerate's constitutional rights and liberty with my very life!

Osborn Tremaine: When will the government stop interfering with private business?

Lisa LaMonica: Cool it, boys, I'm just slumming.

Lisa LaMonica: The public wants sex, sex and more sex!

Evelyn Tremaine: That's the dirtiest thing I ever heard in my life!