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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Meri Bhabhi is a simple loving movie. There are also a few other Bollywood movies on the same topic. However this is one is good in a way that it is well directed, well acted and seems natural. All the main cast worked well with Sunil Dutt winning the crowd. Waheeda Rehman was subtle and classic as ever. Kamini Kaushal in the role of "Bhabhi" worked fine. Lalita Pawar and Kanhaiyalal also did well in negative roles. Aruna Irani has a short but cute role. And last, but not the least, Mehmood, really made me laugh. The film is rural based that also I like a lot. A green Himalayan Village. It might have been in Uttar Anchal near Dehradun. Locations were excellent and the sky almost every time was full blue. Music was as per story and some songs were enjoyable. The story revolves around Rajoo and his Bhabhi. His Bhabhi, even after fourteen years of her marriage, is without a child and loves Rajoo as her child. When Rajoo marries Maya, she gets pregnant very soon. And coincidently Shanti, Rajoo's Bhabhi, also gets pregnant. Unfortunately during her last days, Shanti falls from stairs and gets injured. Her child gets wasted. On the same day, Maya is in hospital to deliver her child. She gets a baby boy. Rajoo decides to give the boy to his Bhabhi while she is still unconscious in order to save her life. Maya first disagrees but then she also gets convinced. So, when Shanti awakens, she finds a child near her bed and Rajoo tells her that this is her child. And that Maya gave birth to a dead child. After that their lives get complicated with the advent of Gangajali, Shanti's mother and eventually Rajoo and Maya are to leave that house. What happens next, u can watch the movie...