Grant Willard: I'm trying to find myself a winner. Racing is a tough business. It's strictly the survival of the fittest. It's just like war: You got a winner and a loser and nothing in between. I busted a lot of heads, training my company in the Marines. But when they got into action, they led the whole Division in decorations received - what was left of them.

Hawk Sidney: Hey, boy, you gonna race with us?

Rick Bowman: I don't know if I got the guts.

Hawk Sidney: [cackles] what you mean is, you don't think you're dingy enough. S'everybody knows you got to be dingy to run figure eight; specially Mr Willard here. That right, Grant?

Grant Willard: Bob, bring the Hawk a beer.

Hawk Sidney: Hey, yeah! Now listen here, boy. You know why I'm the winner? Cos I'm the dingy-est there is. So when they see me coming through that intersection, they just naturally back off, cos they know I ain't gonna stop for nobody. So when you see me coming... you best get out the way. Cos I'm the dingy-est there is! Right? Right. That's why I drive a California custom for Grant Willard.

Grant Willard: I'm a businessman, Hawk. I need a winner.

Grant Willard: You got one. Yeah!

[cackles and leaves with two girls]

Grant Willard: What do you think, Rick? He's the one to beat.

Rick Bowman: [looking at Hawk frolicking with a dancer] Where can I get me a car?