Hutch Bessy: Cacopoulos. What kind of a name is that?

Cacopoulos: A Greek name. My grandfather was a Greek. He was a Greek, like Sophocles, Aristophanes, Plato, Homer.

[He looks around and notices the guards getting tired, so he shifts his tone to a softer, sweeter one]

Cacopoulos: And like Ulysses, he had to keep traveling. He never suffered from homesickness, my grandfather. Oh no. And so, he left the schooner on which he had embarked, and continued his travels on foot, bouncing from place to place, trading in skins, until he came to a Cherokee tribe. And there he was admired by an Indian girl, or he admired her, I don't know which. But the fact is, among other children, my father too was born. And he grew up and raised a family in a small mining town. And he had just the time to do it... when someone shot him dead. And my grandfather told of it, had to get his son's body... and he had to take me, too, still teething... back to his tribe. And I cried... And I cried... And I cried...

[Cacopoulos holds up Cat and Hutch]

Cacopoulos: So don't worry, I just need a small amount. Just enough for the bare necessities.

[looks at the money]

Cacopoulos: Well, no. Money corrupts men, it softens him. So to keep you young and pure, I think I'll take everything.

[Cat, Hutch, Caco and Thomas are about to duel with Drake's gang]

Cacopoulos: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Fifteen years, I've dreamed of this moment. Fifteen years! Every night. *Every* night!

Cat Stevens: And so?

Cacopoulos: There's always music. The music of violins. A slow, sweet... waltz. I want music!

Hutch Bessy: He wants music.

[to the casino musicians]

Hutch Bessy: Play it!

Cat Stevens: [the musicians begin to play a Viennese Waltz] Need anything else?

[Caco shakes his head, smiling]

Drake: Clown.

Hutch Bessy: Even if you're an idiot, I don't see why you want to die so young.

Cacopoulos: [to Drake, after the gunfight] A rope around that fine perfumed neck. Think about it. Not a bad idea, huh? A beautiful rope you can see through the bars of the cell that they'll put you in. A good, strong rope, waiting for ya. Calling to ya.

[to Bankier]

Cacopoulos: Hey, you won't change your mind, huh?

Bankier, playing cards with Cacopoulos: No, I told you. You can count on it.

Cacopoulos: [Looks back up at Drake and smirks] My grandfather used to say...

[He faints onto the Casino floor]

[last lines]

Cat Stevens: [to Drake, pretending that Cacopoulos is dead] The last wish of an old friend must be respected. Don't you agree?

Drake: Now, Maurice. I beg of you to make an exception in this case. After all... the color of a man's skin is sometimes nothing compared to, well, a specimen like this. A lice-infected jailbird, who walks in -where he obviously doesn't belong - and takes over as if he owns the place. Am I right... Cacopoulos? Or, whatever the hell it is you call yourself now? Am I right? Is that a man... a *real* man? Hm?

Cacopoulos: [close to tears] But... but you were once my friend!

Drake: You hear that, Maurice? You tell me if it's possible. As far as I know, the only feeling you could possibly arouse is one of, eh... pity.

Cacopoulos: [Shooting the stirrups off of Cat and Hutch's horses, causing them to fall off] My grandfather used to say, 'One partner is not enough, two is too many.' Try not to get yourselves killed, my friends! I would be very sorry!

[He rides off]

Hutch Bessy: He already told me that damn story...

Cacopoulos: You know, Tiny, in your condition I could lay you out flat.

Hutch Bessy: Why don't you try?

Cacopoulos: Shh!

[the babies in their baskets start crying. Cacopoulos begins to go around the room, rocking their baskets and calming them down]

[Hutch sprints to the courtyard and finds that Cacopoulos has killed Paco]

Hutch Bessy: Did you... make him give back the money?

Cacopoulos: [grimly] I forgot.