Priest: [Bombolini wants the priest to pray for the rain to stop while the villagers move the wine] Nobody ever prays for sun, they only pray for rain.

Babbaluche: In Noah's ark people prayed for rain?

Priest: That was before organised religion.

Babbaluche: Sure, all they had was God, the poor bastards.

Italo Bombolini: It's nice to have a hot meal before you die.

Rosa Bombolini: You aren't going to die.

Italo Bombolini: I'm the mayor, no? The Germans come. I greet them. They threaten me! I spit in their face! They put a pistol to my head and blow out my brains!

Rosa Bombolini: Why would they put a pistol to your head? The whole world knows Bombolini's brains are in his ass.

[Young Fabio has been caught making love to Bombolini's daughter, Angela]

Italo Bombolini: I'm going to punish that boy so that he remembers it for the rest of his life.

[In the next scene, Fabio and Angela leave the church, having just been married]

Italo Bombolini: [the town council wants to resist German occupation] Every Santa Vittorian has known for the last thousand years: brave men and good wine - they don't last long.

[the Fascist members of the Santa Vittoria town council are being held prisoner in the church bell tower. The priest brings them a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine]

Francucci: It's criminal! You keep us locked up! We don't get enough food! You tell us nothing! There's not even a toilet!

Priest: Next time, vote Communist!

Italo Bombolini: "Mathematically"! If I only had a mind like his. *Math-ay-mat-tee-cally*!

Italo Bombolini: [Repeated line] There is no wine.

Benito Mussolini: [written on the wall in the village] "It is better to live a day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep. Benito Mussolini"

Italo Bombolini: [written underneath it] "It is better to live 100 years. Italo Bombalini"

Italo Bombolini: [a drunken Italo Bombolini yells to the crowd, while sitting on top of the water tower:] What do you want? Go on home. Go on home. Your lunch is ready.

Rosa Bombolini: She doesn't even know what love is and she's making it right now!