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  • Joe, a bored and seemingly depressed business man has another bad day when he is blackmailed by a couple of female bikers when caught making it with an underaged girl at the back of his car. The gals in leather then take Joe's wife which forces him to go down to a nearby strip joint (where Pat Barrington does her thing) to get some male bikers to straighten them lesos out and the ending is just fabulus.

    It's no history lesson but this simple b/w sexploitation film can be very funny (and sexy) and the unknown, unbilled actor who plays Joe (who also narrates) is great. Zoltan G. Spencer also wrote the enjoyable dialogue and had previously made Satanis: The Devil's Mass (1968).
  • Sisters in Leather (1969)

    ** (out of 4)

    Rather insane sexploitation movie has a married man leaving work one day when he sees a sexy woman in his car. The two head off to make out and soon a lesbian biker gang comes up, takes his picture with the woman and blackmails him. Before long that man is in more trouble with the lesbian gang so he pays a male biker gang to help him out.

    SISTERS IN LEATHER is a film that has pretty much been forgotten to time, which is really too bad because it's one of the nuttiest sexploitation/biker films out there. If you're looking for a "good" movie then you're certainly not going to find it here but a movie like this was made for a certain crowd and I think director Zoltan G. Spencer delivered exactly what that crowd would want.

    The film clocks in at just 63-minutes and pretty much every single scene has some sort of nudity or sex going on. What Spencer lacked as a director he certainly made up for it with his eye in selecting beautiful women and this one here is full of them. It's also obvious that if you go through Spencer's films you'll see that he had a thing for big-breasted women and that's exactly what you get here. There are countless softcore sex scenes with girl on girl action and there's even a scene where all four girls go at it.

    SISTERS IN LEATHER isn't a masterpiece or even a good film but if you enjoy these types of sexploitation pictures then this one here at least gives you want you want to see.
  • This movie begins with a married man by the name of "Joe" (Dick Osmun) driving a young woman named "Dolly" (Karen Thomas) out to a secluded area for a sexual tryst with her. What Joe doesn't know is that Dolly is a member of a female motorcycle gang and her pals are waiting for them with a camera in order to blackmail him. Terrified that his wife may discover his infidelity he readily agrees to their demands. Unfortunately, things don't quite turn out as planned and his wife, "Mary" (Kathy Williams) soon finds out anyway. This leads to yet another set of circumstances which affects everyone involved. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I found this to be a rather trashy, low-budget, sexploitation movie with very little entertainment value. Filmed in black-and-white, it features bad acting, a lousy script and an extremely thin plot as well. Having said that, I don't consider this to be a very good "biker movie". Neither do I honestly consider it to be a good "sexploitation film". In short, there isn't much here to get excited about and as a result I have rated this film accordingly. Definitely below average.
  • I recently saw this film on DVD. Even by B movie sexploitation standards, this movie is really putrid. It doesn't even fall into the 'so bad it's good' B movie category. It's just plain awful.

    The plot centers on a gang of lesbian bikers, who blackmail a man. They catch him in a sexual tryst with a woman in his car, and demand $2K from him, so that they won't rat him out to his wife. From there, the film slides into mainly gratuitous nudity, overblown sex scenes between the lesbian bikers, and the man fretting over how he'll stop the lesbian bikers from ruining his marriage.

    The lesbian gang somehow convince the man's wife to go on a picnic with them, where they ride in the nude on their motorcycles, drink beer, and try to seduce the wife. They then take the wife back to their place, where they continue their quest to initiate her into engaging in an orgy with them all.

    At the picnic earlier, the wife had let the lesbians caress her naked body for hours. But when they take her back to their place for a wild orgy, the wife claims that she can't, since she's 'not that way' (meaning lesbian). Well gee, if a woman lets other women fondle her for hours on end while she's in her Birthday suit, I'd say that she's in deep denial about her own lesbianism.

    The acting in this movie is very mediocre at best. The jazz soundtrack does ad an element of cool to the film. But it doesn't redeem the film overall. The flat, paper-thin plot, is just an excuse to show well-stacked women getting it on with each other. Many, if not most males, get turned on by this. And they're the ones who would actually enjoy this film. For anybody else, viewing this movie is a waste of time.