Though not a sequel nor related to this storyline, this movie was followed by Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971), with most of the cast intact playing similar characters.

Walter Brennan's part was a spoof of his part in My Darling Clementine (1946), in which he was head of the Clanton clan.

The film's title is a parody of a bumper sticker popular around the time it was made, "Support Your Local Police", part of the "law-and-order" movement led by such politicians as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George Wallace.

This movie's opening scene shows the townfolk performing a burial service. During the prayer, Trudy (Joan Hackett) spots gold in the grave and jumps in to stake her claim, and the other townfolk do the same. This also happened in Paint Your Wagon (1969) during the opening scene. Partner's (Clint Eastwood) brother was killed while moving to California during the gold rush. During his burial service, gold was spotted in the grave by the other miners present. Before Ben Rumson (Lee Marvin (I)) can finish the prayer, his body was pulled out of the grave and everyone jumps in to try to stake their claim.

James Stewart did this same show of expert marksmanship in Winchester '73 (1950) in order to win the one-of-a-kind Winchester '73 rifle in a shooting contest. Instead of a washer, he used an ornament from an Indian necklace with a hole in the center. To prove that he does indeed shoot through the center of the ornament for the second time, he places a postage stamp over the hole.

Included among the American Film Institute's 2000 list of the 500 movies nominated for the Top 100 Funniest American Movies.

When Jason (James Garner) and Jake (Jack Elam) first go prospecting for gold, Jason calls Jake by his real name "Jack"...(I believe that he meant to). Such a good movie!