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  • Larry Hagman's charm and magnetism are primary reasons to watch the late 60's made-for-TV sex farce about a pilot who is a bigamist. Norman Fell is also marvelous as his landlord, conspirator, and admirer. And both actresses are fine as two very different wives with Peaker clearly coming from a different era. But Hagman's juggling of conscience, aplomb, and lust takes center stage and holds it well throughout the film. Nothing profound here, but much to enjoy.
  • I saw this movie on TV years ago, and remember it fondly. Larry Hagman's comic timing was terrific, and, as usual, Norman Fell steals every scene he is in.

    As much as I thoroughly enjoyed Larry's autobiography, I would have liked him to have gone into more detail about this overlooked gem.
  • nice, seductive, a great Larry Hagman, a comedy who use old fashion recipes for a story who is only simple and amusing. it is far to impress but it could be victim of admiration for the cast, architecture of confusion, compassion for the poor pilot and good occasion to remember Larry Hagman's art out of Dallas circle. a film about love, sensitivity, error and sin as result of innocence. all in smart manner. all precise at all. a film about drama of a honest man . not original but amusing, it is only a good easy comedy. and that status is the key for transforms it in pure joy. so, see it. for relaxation. and for few doses of useful humor.
  • one of many comedies from the "70. easy, decent, nice, smart, not extraordinary. Larry Hagman does the difference more precise, his science to use the nuances who transforms the story of a bigamist in a seductive show. and, for many viewers, this is the key - discover a Hagman before J.R.Ewing but master of manner to give credibility and force to a not real good guy. secrets, declaration and the truth like a guillotine. that is all. but the package is so lovely than each scene is irresistible. and it is not surprising. Hagman has the chance to not be alone in a comedy about marriage and freedom and , only at the first sigh, perfect plan. so, see it !