Robert Bresson chose Dominique Sanda just as a result of her first voice call.

When the movie was released in 1969 in France, it was advertised in newspapers with an additional mark on the poster : "Bresson's first color movie "

In the early 1960s, the director Eric Rohmer wrote an adaptation of the Dostoevsky short story that this film is based on. However he was unable to find financing to film the project.

In the short story (which the film was adapted from), Dostoevsky mentions Offenbach's Songbirds instead of Hamlet.

The performance of Hamlet was directed by Robert Bresson himself especially for the film.

The copy of Hamlet which the wife is seen reading is André Gide's translation (Gallimard, 1946). It is also the same translation that is played by the actors in a previous scene.

According to Robert Bresson, there are no flashbacks in the film: it is all the live husband now confronting his dead wife. It is his way of understanding death.

According to Robert Bresson, people saw the film as a series of flashbacks, when in fact it is all life in the face of death.