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  • This is the last one of the brilliant Komisario Palmu series (recently released on DVD, except the first movie Komisario Palmun Erehdys). Many years had passed since the creation of the previous Palmu movie and this last one was filmed in color. Some other things had changed too: Palmu had retired from the office, found himself a wife and moved to the countryside. He gets involved in the story when the employer of the murdered reporter asks him to investigate the case for them.

    Unlike the previous films Vodkaa, Komisario Palmu isn't based on a novel by Mika Waltari, instead it is written by the director Matti Kassila himself. The common opinion of the public (and the director as well) seems to be that this is easily the worst Komisario Palmu movie, but I disagree about that. It's just different, it's not bad. Theme of the movie is much more political and open that in the other films, but it keeps the viewer interested very well.

    The last Komisario Palmu continues the tradition of great acting. Palmu (Joel Rinne), Kokki (Leo Jokela) and Virta (Matti Ranin) are as great as in the previous ones, and especially Leo Jokela does again an awesome job as Kokki. Also note the breathtakingly beautiful Inga Sulin as Tamara.

    In my opinion this is a good ending to the best Finnish film series ever. I think I'll have to buy those DVD:s... 8/10
  • This one just doesn't fit in the Palmu series and is sometimes seen as the black sheep. First time in colour, fourth Palmu movie mixes unfaithful lovers and jealous killers, corrupted politicians and left-wing idealistic reporters trying to expose these bad guys.

    In this one charismatic Palmu is already retired from police work. Matti Ranin's character (Virta) is nowadays a strict parliament lap-dog and Kokki ("cook" in Finnish) -- surprise, surprise -- owner of a restaurant. Palmu gathers together with Kokki for his last case and pressure between Virta & Palmu gets heated as Palmu is working for the media and Virta for the state. Sadly, old Palmu is a senile husband, not detective with a razor-sharp wit like he used to be.

    This is a half-assed attempt to create something more epic than the last Palmu movies and their grassroot level crimes and situations. This is more of a brave Soviet agents go James Bond in Finland than a Palmu movie -- with some obvious tension between Finland and Soviet Union, something non-Finnish viewer might not see. **/*****
  • Great movie! Although I don't speak Finnish, it was easy to follow the scenario.

    Viktor Klimenko does a good job playing Stenka. However, he is a much better singer and performer in real life. Some scenes were plainly stupid -- for example, chasing the girl around the table.

    Watch Palmu's expressions -- they are hilarious. It's a perfect demonstration of the power of nonverbal communication.

    I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes mystery or at least interested in experiencing another culture. You can learn some Finnish, too. Kiitos (thank you)!
  • If it were only for my nostalgia for the old Helsinki and a depiction of a time under tight regulations of the Finnish media, I would rate the movie as worth of 7 or 8 stars out of 10, but the acting and pacing is so clumsy, one cannot pass it. Joel Rinne is one of the few saving graces of the cast, as his interpretation of inspector Palmu is as timely as ever. The cinematography and editing is sometimes quite clumsy and character motivations slim. Also, the director wasn't quite up to the challenge at the time. The previous Palmu movies did a far better job at setting up the crime and depicting a logical, somewhat humorous journey to the reveal of the murderer.
  • holsu8 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    TV-reporter Reino Torpo is brutally murdered while working on a scoop at the Svartträsk mansion. The police starts working on the case on the leadership of Commissionar Virta. The arrogant Virta can't get any results and the investigations finally starts progressing with the help of Palmu.

    From my point of view Vodkaa, komisario Palmu is much underrated. I think it's fun that we got one Palmu-movie done in color. True, Palmu looks really pale, especially in the beginning but it doesn't matter. For Finnish viewers the movie includes some important documentary moments especially while visiting the Pasila TV-station. We see actual persons in they're work and they are shortly participating in the movie (Anssi Kukkonen, Reino Paasilinna etc).

    Also I'd like to point out some good characters and actors. I love Matti Oravisto's and Viktor Klimenko's roles. Also there are included lots of other Finnish heavy weight actors (Kauko Helovirta, Seppo Kolehmainen, Martti Pennanen etc). Still extra points for Lars Svedberg for his role as Brunkeberg.