Lou Frizzell, who plays Jasper Culver in this production of "The Andersonville Trial", played a Union Soldier in the original 1959 Broadway stage production. He is the only one of the original Broadway cast to appear in this production. He played a non-speaking role as a Union soldier and understudied the role of Jasper Culver, which he plays here.

George C. Scott, who directed, played Chipman in the original Broadway production.

All of the witnesses as portrayed in the film are the actual witnesses who testified at Wirz's trial, and their dialogue in many cases is taken almost verbatim from the trial transcript. The major change from history is that Wirz did not testify and the whole "moral issue", around which this film revolves, was never raised at the trial.

The Broadway production of "The Andersonville Trial" by Saul Levitt opened at the Henry Miller's Theater in New York on December 29, 1959 and ran for 179 performances.

Richard Basehart portrayed Henry Wirz with a relatively light Germanic accent, while in real life, and at the actual trial, Wirz was known to have a heavy, or thick, Germanic accent. This was done to make the character's dialogue clear and intelligible for television audiences.

Cameron Mitchell portrayed General Lew Wallace with a close cropped, short, neat beard. The real General Lew Wallace was known for his long, untidy, unruly beard.

Interestingly enough, the character of Colonel Chipman commanded the Second Iowa, the actor playing Colonel Chipman, William Shatner, played a fictional Iowa native in Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek.