The Accountant: Now, Bartleby, sit down. I want to check procedures for the Prebble Account and verify our results so far. With the three of us, it will be faster.

Bartleby: I don't feel I can. Just at the moment.

[he exits]

The Accountant: [the Accountant and Tucker have followed Bartleby to his office] What on Earth do you mean by this?

Bartleby: I would prefer not to say.

The Accountant: Prefer not to. What do you do mean, you prefer not to? Are you refusing to cooperate?

Bartleby: I prefer not to.

Bartleby: But. look here; this is normal practice, it's an excellent way to save work for both of you. You verify your work with the same stroke; kill two birds with one stone, as it were. Don't you?

Bartleby: I would not like to kill two birds with one stone.

The Accountant: It's simply common practice here. It's not unreasonable. Well?

The Accountant: [to Tucker] What do you think of it?

Tucker: I think he should do what you ask him to.

The Accountant: But am I unreasonable?

Tucker: No, Sir. Not at all. I think he's a bit round the bend.

The Accountant: You see, Bartleby, my demands are reasonable. This office isn't exactly a slave labour camp, is it?

[he chuckles hollowly]

The Accountant: .

The Accountant: Go and have lunch. Think about it.