Ann McCalley: How do you get along without working?

C.C. Ryder: Just fine.

Ann McCalley: [laughs] You steal from the rich to give to the poor?

C.C. Ryder: No, I steal from the rich 'cause the poor have no money.

[first lines]

C.C. Ryder: Excuse me.

Store manager: Yes, sir?

C.C. Ryder: Where are the cupcakes?

Store manager: 11B, sir, right over there.

C.C. Ryder: Thank you.

Store manager: Not at all.

C.C. Ryder: So what's the problem?

Moon: You seem to be man, we got the club here see, and here you are way over there.

Eddie Ellis: Those characters over there - that's what gives motorcyling a bad name.

Eddie Ellis: They ought to have their heads examined, taking choppers on a moto-cross course.

Eddie Ellis: They made asses of themselves trying to burn up the course on choppers.

Moon: You guys want to watch this freak show, that's your hangup, not mine.

Moon: I mean what the hell is this?

Moon: I mean I don't gotta do nothin, you gotta do something.

Pick-Up Truck Driver: Don't see many pretty girls like you hitchin' rides 'round here.

Zit-Zit: Is that a fact?

Pick-Up Truck Driver: Yup. You a student?

Zit-Zit: No, I'm a teenage prostitute. Give you any ideas?

Eddie Ellis: How do you feel about advice from someone who's older and who's been around a bit longer?

Ann McCalley: To be perfectly frank, I prefer it from someone younger who hasn't been around at all. Their advice is usually a lot more fun.

Eddie Ellis: Ann, you know you can't possibly have any kind of permanent relationship with a guy like that.

Ann McCalley: I'm not looking for anything permanent, 'cause nothing ever is.

Eddie Ellis: Beautiful you are, practical you're not.

Ann McCalley: I don't wanna be practical, I just wanna be happy. And I find that when I'm with him, I'm very happy.

Eddie Ellis: For how long?

Ann McCalley: Doesn't matter. Hey, you don't pass on happiness just because it might not last. You take it while you can.

[Ann is held hostage by the Heads]

Pig: Ah, hello, my name is Miss Pig and I'm the group recreational leader here. Would you like a dip in the pool? Badminton, bowling on the green, anything you like. Don't you look lovely in your little frock? Oh, I used it for a bedspread last year, I think. Do you like my clothes? Straight from the Goodwill bag, free for nothing. Straight from the sewers, you think? Could you use me on the cover of your magazine? Well, we're just dying to hear your comments on our humble way of life, as compared to that of the fashion world.

Ann McCalley: Fuck off.

Pig: Oh, thank you very much.

[last lines]

Ann McCalley: Where we going?

C.C. Ryder: I've got to get Charlie back his money, then drop you off.

Ann McCalley: And then what?

C.C. Ryder: Then I gotta split for awhile.

Ann McCalley: Where?

C.C. Ryder: [Shrugs]

Ann McCalley: Remember we talked about looking for something?

C.C. Ryder: Yeah.

Ann McCalley: Well, I'd, I'd like to look with you. For awhile, anyway.

Crow: I know what's the matter. You don't like my Yul Brynner look!