Bogart Peter Stuyvesant: Wow. Your breath stinks. Your breath stinks!

Tara Nicole Steele: Oh, please!

Bogart Peter Stuyvesant: No no no no no no no. I dig it. I dig it!

Astrid Steele: I made thirty stag films and never faked an orgasm.

Astrid Steele: In my heart of hearts I'm a sexual tramp.

Astrid Steele: Do you want me, or do you want my daughter?

Bogart Peter Stuyvesant: Are they mutually exclusive?

Astrid Steele: There's a word for you, but I don't think I even know what it is.

Astrid Steele: Oh, you're out of your Chinese skull!

Astrid Steele: You're a bloody, sadistic dyke!