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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The IMDb users know George Franju as the "les yeux sans visage " director,one of the best horror movies (who said best?) France has ever produced.His "la Tete contre les Murs" was at least as interesting but his remake of Feuillade' s "Judex" was not as convincing.

    "La faute de l'abbé Mouret" is one of the weakest books in the Rougon -Macquart saga .Its "scandalous" side -a priest falling in love with a beautiful girl-seems tame by today's standards ,and it already was thirty-five years ago when I saw the film in a theater.Also handicapped by Gillian Hills's amateurish playing ,the movie was a flop.Francis Huster ,an earnest thespian (he used to play Corneille's "Le Cid" ) became famous but he had to wait until the eighties .The lack of good parts in the films probably led him to come back to stage again in the nineties.Best parts take place in the village where Franju shows his die-hard anti-clericalism,and André Lacombe as Archangias steals every scene he is in.but all that concerns "the Paradou" (the garden) sounds "hippie" and has not worn well.

    The most famous scene is the heroine's strange suicide :she uses flowers.