Clay Bates: [after negotiating with the Yaqui chief] He just gave us two days to get out of the territory.

Horace Wiggins: Two days? Then what?

Clay Bates: Supper. Supper for ants.

Horace Wiggins: Ants for supper? Oh, no!

Clay Bates: Oh, shut your yap.

Horace Wiggins: [finally catching on] You mean WE'RE the supper?

[first lines]

The Voice of Death: Ben Thompson, peace officer, who remains alive only because of his deadliness, rides on the trail of the Yaquis' chief called Satago - means Hot Overhate - as I rightly decided, as I do with all men, on my pale horse. I am Ben Thompson's close friend: Death - the physician who cures all pain. For the next five bloody days, I ride with my mortal messenger Ben Thompson collecting the debt all men must pay.

[last lines]

The Voice of Death: Here in this vast silent valley, it might well be the ending or the beginning of the world. These two men, each of whom is certain of the justice and honor for which he does battle, meet - in a final confrontation. One of them will come to me, the other will ride on, seeking me. For in violence between men and me, there can be but one victor. That... is Death! Ben Thompson certainly will ride. As he rides away from this bloody valley, his friends and his enemies have found their ultimate destiny, so I rightly decided, on my pale horse... for I am Death. I'm necessarily in existence, it's not necessary to invent me, for only I can cure the pain of the living, only I can show living things that dying is nothing more than ceasing to be afraid.