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  • Georg Thomalla stars here as a third-time divorced, er, divorce-lawyer - his fans won't be disappointed as he is his usual hyperactive self. One could argue that two of his divorces prove his insanity - the divorce from Marie (Ruth Stephan) because he married her in the first place, and the divorce from Inge (Hannelore Elsner) because she's drop-dead gorgeous.

    The film is an interesting document of the moral changes of the time. It actually came a little late, because issues such as hippiedom versus 1950s' stuffiness more typically featured in films of 1968 and 1969. On the other hand the extra distance in time made it apparently easier to deploy social and moral issues for the purposes of comedy. The attitudes and behaviours of the characters really belong to a previous era, especially the women's.

    As a comedy the film suffers from being so terribly dated, since the humour is not strong enough to defeat that distraction. Hans Jürgen Diedrich is also completely wasted in his supporting role, but Agnes Windeck is always worth watching.