Brooks Wilson: You got the galleys, Benny?

Benny: Brooks, it's your baby. Do it your own way, your own style, have fun with it. Only, don't screw up the broad's face.

Brooks Wilson: Sel, how come all teenage girls are sex maniacs?

Selma Wilson: Ha-ha-ha, there's only ONE sex maniac around here.

Brooks Wilson: Oh, yeah? Then, how come a little kid like Marianne is just aching for me? A guy, twice her age.

Selma Wilson: Three times her age. She doesn't know you're alive.

Selma Wilson: You know what she called me in the car?

Selma Wilson: Grandpa.

Brooks Wilson: Mr. Wilson. Twice, she called me Mr. Wilson.

Selma Wilson: Oh, she's obsessed all right.

Brooks Wilson: Practically begging me to take her to the Gates of Ecstasy.

Selma Wilson: Oh, hmm, Mr. Wilson, take me to the Gates of Ecstasy, will you? Marianne doesn't want it. I certainly could use it.