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  • dapt8921 October 2004
    EL "Santo" or "El enmascarado de plata" is the most iconic and remembered hero of Mexico and this time he has a new enemy "La mafia" but not the mafia we all know, is different because the organization and the dress they wear are very different. When i first saw this movie I got impressed because the plot was very good and the actors give a really terrific performances.El Santo has

    If you want to watch the best movie of el santo don't miss the opportunity to watch this movie. But even counting that is a crime genre you also can laugh some moments because some dialogue and some fights
  • In 'Santo Frente a la Muerte'(1969, a Spanish/Mexican/Colombian co-production), a group of international criminals steal a large emerald from a heavily guarded Colombian mine and they plan to sell it on the black market. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Igor is also manipulating other criminals, as well as the ones who stole the emerald, for his own benefit. Santo, a Mexican wrestler/Interpol agent(a cinematic one, anyway) works with the Colombian authorities in an attempt to recover the emerald and to stop Dr. Igor and his subordinates, as well.

    I've only seen a few Santo movies and, frankly, I can't call myself an authority on the genre. I can see why these films are critically-reviled, but they do manage to deliver some cheap thrills. This film is so's good. Santo is worthy of being a cinematic Mexican superhero and his grace as a wrestler was admirable. Mara Cruz, Elsa Cardenas, Celia Roldan. etc. provide some eye-candy and they each do good acting jobs, as well. These wrestler films do have a share of "innocent eroticism". There's also plenty of wrestling scenes for the fans. 'Santo Frente a la Muerte' has the energy of a poor man's 007 flick(there's a neat faux-John Barry "music score" by Daniel White)and it's a good time at a bad, schlocky movie. Watch out for them plot holes!