Clay Howard: Ya it's the one alright! You were riding up here in the back! These burrs! Same kind of burrs I found on your robe this morning!

Marjorie Howard: Burrs aren't proof Clay!

Clay Howard: Somethings wrong, somethings screwy going on in this town!

Marjorie Howard: If there was wouldn't these people know about it?

Clay Howard: Maybe they do! Maybe they don't want us to know!

Annie Fletcher: Why is this? I never been on this planet before and there's so much to see! So much I want to see!

Clay Howard: Will you quit talking like some kind of nut! I'm in a lot of trouble here! I need help!

Annie Fletcher: Alright Mr. Clay Howard! I'll see what I can do!

Clay Howard: Fine! I want you to take me where those trucks went!

Annie Fletcher: I can't!

Clay Howard: Why not?

Annie Fletcher: Because Noel won't let me!

Annie Fletcher: STOP! Put your hands straight ahead and walk forward very carefully!

Clay Howard: Oh come on!

Annie Fletcher: No I mean it! I just don't want to hurt that poor head of yours!

Clay Howard: Ha... you did say a couple of miles didn't you!

[Bumps head into something unseen]

Annie Fletcher: It's a force field! People inside will not be harmed and they will come back just like they did last night! And they won't remember too!

Fess Beany: My name is Noel! I'm using this


Fess Beany: simply as a convenience to talk to you! Frankly I find it cumbersome, time consuming, and a little disgusting! You cause me quite a bit of annoyance Mr. Howard! You become a problem!