Alternate Versions (3)

  • The film was edited down for its appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1998. Among the scenes edited were a conversation between Melissa and Lucinda, more graphic images of Lucinda killing the deputy, a conversation between Luther and Molly Strickland about Melissa and Jodie's relationship, and a scene where Melissa and Lucinda's father denounces them after the villagers attack.
  • Most versions of The Touch of Satan edit some shots of nudity during the climatic love-making sequence - this includes the cuts shown on early VHS releases of the film and on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. The 1980 re-release of the film (entitled: Night of the Demon) leaves the footage intact and includes a missing line of dialogue.
  • The version of The Touch of Satan released by Code Red distributing slightly differs from previous releases of the film. The original opening title shots where Jodie drives through the tunnel in his Maverick are cut and replaced with the title card "Night of the Demon" (an alternate re-release title from 1980). This particular cut also drops some lines from Jodie and Melissa's night-time conversation in the shed - likely the result of jump-cuts and film damage. The love-making scene is the most intact version available, including a shot of nudity and some dialogue that is edited from multiple releases of the film. Unfortunately this version also cuts the closing credits crawl and the film simply ends after the final shot fades.